Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Organize your Stuff Week 22 (round 5):WOYWW 150

Well, last Wednesday, we were on Spring Break and left home shortly after posting. So, now it is Wednesday again and while PA Me and OCD Me fight over whether to do laundry or dishes the POW decided to sneak on over to the computer and get up our What’s on your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW) picture. Travel over to Julia’s Stamping Ground to see all the other fabulous Crafty Places, Spaces, and projects…and to make a friend or two!
Here is our messy crafty space…

Creative Me really needs to pick up after herself more! Here is her card for this week…

Paper: Bazzill; Stamp: MME; ink: Momento;
Tape & paint: Tim Holtz; floss:DMC; buttons: misc. 
This is a pretty cool card for Tuesday Trio’s Sketch 115: Frames. Recently, Creative Me had heard that using the Fabulous Mr. Tim Holtz’s tapes with his crackle paints had fabulous results… and the results were awesome until Creative Me stood the card up and the crackle started popping off! Timmy Fans of WOYWW, do you know the trick?

Anyway, Creative Me is pouting now, and PA Me has decided that she needs some quiet space, so Dies this weekend.

*POW warning: Family stuff from here on out. Scroll to the end if just here for the desk ;) *

This was an interesting week at the Front. Fabulous Spouse’s base was amongst those targeted by the Taliban. The good news, nobody hurt, everyone survived the late boxed dinners that were delivered to their work spaces, and the Office Dodgeball team actually won a game. The bad news, Fabulous Spouse’s visitors were rerouted, and no new pictures for this week…except my newest flowers sent from the Front. (PS-Girl Friday is seriously convinced that they are for her).

As for the family, this week was Spring Break…a holiday from school. The Scary Orb in the Sky a.k.a. The Sun came out and we had fabulously warm days that popped into the 60s! We also took a trek down to see the rescue wolves at Wolf Haven (on the only rainy day of course!)…

…as the educational component to our three day stay at the Great Wolf Lodge.

Never heard of it? It is a water park …

That is also Harry Potter-esque world called Magi Quest that has you running up and down five flights of stairs and waiving your wands... complete quests.

Then we got home just in time to send Oldest Child off to go camping with the Boy Scouts, and take Illusive Middle Child to a soccer game (which they finally won!).  Now we are back to school and homework and the regular run around!  Have a great week!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Organize your Stuff Week 21 (round 5):WOYWW 149 Pens& Pencils

Hey Wednesday! Good to see you again! We have been overwhelmingly busy preparing for the holidays this weekend. For our Jewish friends… Happy Passover! … for our Christian friends… Happy Easter! For those up here in the Pacific Northwest…Happy Spring/ Spring Break! We have sun, and thanks to the illusive orb in the sky, we have warm, dryish 60 degree (15.6 C) weather! Which also means that when it comes to What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW) , we have very little to show. For those not in the know, WOYWW is where creative folks all over the globe share their spaces, their craftiness, and maybe a little about their lives. Click on the awesome Julia’s Stamping Ground to see the 150+ lot of them!
Here is our desk today…

For us, it is Week 21 (and the POW does admit that somehow PA Me has commandeered these last few weeks and we are not exactly sure how so sorry for no organizing pics. ooops). It is the week of Pens and Pencils. Since we have gotten a number of inquiries about our Copic holder, the POW has decided they count in this category (although OCD Me disagrees).

It is quite simple really. We just took our Crystal Light containers and recycled them with rubber bands once we consumed the drink mix packets inside. They are the perfect size for Copic markers, and the top still fits. You could probably hot glue them, but this way I can take one canister or all of them.

As for the card…

Stamps: Avocado Arts, Ink: Momento,
Ribbon: Queen & Co, unkown, paper: Bazzill
Creative Me used this cute little chick for the Tuesday Trio Sketch 114: No text. She used the Copics too LOL!

(*The POW PSA: Family stuff from here on out. Scroll to the end if just here for the desk*)

Today’s picture from the Front is Fabulous Spouse and office mates with their mini Easter Baskets (which arrived two days after the box that we sent afterwards….the POW was very stressed that it was going to be a Who-ville Easter!). However, it did get there in time, and everyone was happy to have some jelly beans, Cadbury eggs and chocolate bunnies!

As for us, it was a bunch of running around as usual, with the addition of Easter egg dying… preparation for the big day...

We had morning church service...

snacked on our baskets...

hunted eggs (Oldest Child finally decided he was too old to hunt)

Then we headed to the Space Needle for Brunch

Girl Friday snapped a picture of us with Illusive Middle Child...

and here is Oldest Child eating Fabulous Spouse's favorite meal...Alaska Salmon!

Hope you had a great weekend!  Happy Hopping!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Organize your Stuff Week 20 (round 5):WOYWW 148

WoW! What a Wednesday! This is one of those days that has been slow in coming…and yet, it is amazing how fast it has come! Today is What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW) a day when wonderful workers of whimsy share their crafty places and the goodies that they have created! Take a peek over at the Fabulous Julia’s Stamping Ground for the international list of awesomeness…
The POW admits that with Easter on the horizon, and the activities that adds to the schedule she has taken PA Me’s approach…and will get to it later. *sigh* Here is our desk today…

With a very special card…

Today is a big milestone! Today is Day 100! It has been 100 days since Fabulous Spouse boarded a plane left home for the Front. Creative Me reigned herself in a bit, to keep the extras off. It is a simple card, but that is because Fabulous Spouse likes the simple things!

(*The POW’s warning: scroll to the end if you want, the rest is family stuff*)

This week’s picture from the Front is from a Black Hawk helicopter. Fabulous Spouse got the privilege of escorting a group off base. He got to go up in the helicopter, and even visit an Afghan castle! He also got to eat lunch with a Medal of Honor recipient (Our highest military honor for valor) two days ago. So, needless to say, it has been busy over there!

Oldest Child has hit a lull.  Wrestling is over except for the banquet (tomorrow), so the only picture that we have of him this week is the family group shot with the stuffed camels.  It is amazing, the shirt that Fabulous Spouse sent him is an XL...and it fits!

Illusive Middle Child is playing soccer (or football for the non-Americans).  It was just above freezing and raining sideways for his game, so Illusive Middle Child was dressed up as a ball burgler to keep warm!  However, he still likes it...and we had sun for practice the other day.

Finally, Girl Friday (and Illusive Middle Child) had Science and Math Day.  She got to see a disected salmon, play math games, cheat at chess and a bunch of other fun things!

Now we are off to peek!  Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Organize your Stuff Week 20 (round 5): One Little Word March Homework

Nihao, Cupcake! Blog
It may be April 1st, but this is no April Fool’s joke! We are here today to share our March One Little Word (OLW) Homework . What is OLW? It is the class at Big Picture Classes where we have all picked a word to represent our year (our one little word). The always awesome Ali Edwards gives us a monthly prompt to capture that word.  It is also a blog Hop, so you might have reached us from Orange Gearle.

Our word for 2012 is JOURNEY. This week, the homework was to do something concrete with our word. So, my magnificent mother-in-law flew out and watched the tribe, while I took three days of ME time at CKC Portland…a whole state (and what felt like an entire world) away!
Stamps:Tim Holtz, Avocado Arts,title: Thickers
Our text for this month reads:

This month I will actually take a JOURNEY. Not in any sort of metaphorical or spiritual way, but a get the heck out of dodge, on the road again, for real JOURNEY! My batteries need a recharge, and I am going SOLO!

This is the reverse side with the details of our trip.  Creative Me was so excited to use her Photoshop (one of the main reasons for the trip was to take photoshop classes) to put the pictures in...and to write on one during the journaling process!
OCD Me has reminded us to keep it short, but is was an AMAZING journey! We always are amazed at the wonderful people that we meet when our heart is open for any kind of a Journey!

Some of the previous posts about our trip are here and here.

Below is the rest of the blog hop list.  Jen is next if you are hopping. Thank you Margie as always for hosting!

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