Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 27 (round 4): WOYWW #121

It is Wednesday, and can you say JETLAG! We know that we can! It is also the What’s on Your Work desk Wednesday where you can visit around the world without subjecting body to the fabulousness that is air travel and time zone changes! To travel by clicks… visit Julia’s fabulous transport machine at the Stamping Station.

Here was my desk for the weekend… is our desk preparing for flight (sitting between Illusive Middle Child and Oldest Child, all set with a bag of snacks and everything)...

 … from it, we created the following card for Tuesday Trio’s sketch #86 using digis again. Creative Me has decided that digis are cool! Like using the Cricut, suddenly resizing is an option! Girl Friday likes digis too, because the POW will print sheets and sheets of them for her to color.

We took a quick trip to the East Coast for the wedding of my brother-in-law to his fabulous bride, so a regular desk was out of the picture.  See the previous post for more, but here are just a few for those who are hopping and do not want to click back....

Here is Grandmother, Shark Bait, and Girl Friday at the rehearsal dinner...well past all of our bedtimes...

The wedding...

Illusive Middle Child and Girl Friday at the gazebo at the Voice of America park (so named because the radio towers that transmitted the VOA signal during WWII were here)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 27 (round 4): Fonts

Ok, it is Monday, and not Friday. Somehow, the POW was sure that we would be able to pull off a post, even though we were up at 4:30AM and did not reach our destination… the tail end of a wedding rehearsal dinner until 8:50 PM (via 3 airplane transfers). We were sure we could do it.

No such luck. Oh well. Here is our layout that we promised.
The font is stickers. We really do not do much in the way of computer font work. Almost always, it is stickers or stamps… or *gasp* handwriting.

Yesterday was wedding day… and a pilgrimage to Buffalo Wild Wings (there are no Buffalo Wild Wings in the state of Washington). It has been almost two years since we got to enjoy their spicy wing-y goodness. Ironically we got to visit it again and again as we did lunch, then watched Ohio State and University of Washington play football during the two hours post wedding/ pre-reception. Then we finished up the night post-reception with Fabulous Spouse’s brothers and other guests.

We enjoyed a fabulous wedding where Fabulous Spouse’s next to youngest brother got married. The tribe even behaved for both the service and the reception that followed.

Here is Girl Friday dancing with the Groom while the Illusive Middle Child dances with the Bride. Congrats to both to J & K and thanks for a fabulous party!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 26 (round 4): WOYWW #120

First off, We love you dearest laptop! Every one of our personalities is doing the happy dance as our laptop has finally emerged from the Best Buy electronic Intensive Care Unit (ICU). PA Me is longing to get lost in your games, and everyone else is going through extreme internet withdrawal. Girl Friday is still sorry for tripping over the cord and dislocating the charging pin from the motherboard. But as we have quoted before “we are not dead yet!...I feel better!...” and now, we can keep up with you all! Yeah!!!!

A double thanks to those who have bared with us and left fabulous comments, when we could not necessarily comment back (darned stupid smart phone oxymoron). We LOVE you!!! As you may have guessed from the title and the calendar, it is What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday again… time to snoop around the world at the fabulous goings on and mayhem that constitutes all of our crafty places! For additional desks, please visit Julia at the Stamping Ground as always, and she will show you the way!

Today’s desk had our design team card for Tuesday Trio’s Sketch #85. It also had the less photogenic, but more user friendly A4 version that is going off to Operation Write Home (an awesome site that does a fab job of sending blank cards to deployed troops so that they can write home).

As for the home front, nothing much new to report here. We live, sleep, eat, play and watch American football. Illusive Middle Child had his first away game (with Girl Friday cheerleading of course). Dad and Oldest Child tagged along, and we won handily (this means that Illusive Middle child got nachos from the concession stand). This afternoon, it will be turn about as Oldest Child has his first “varsity” game as an 8th grader, and Illusive Middle Child is the ball boy and Girl Friday tags along.

Even the scrapping has taken a football twist. Layout to be posted Friday!

Happy WOYWW! Glad to be back!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 25 (round 4): WOYWW #119 & Negatives

It is that time again! Time to look at the state of the desks around the globe and the cool and inspiring projects that they have! This week, as always, has been brought to you by Julia and her lovely blog at the Stamping Ground. Pop over to see other desks, and to ooooh and aaawwww!
Here is this week’s desk. It is messy as usual.

For those who visited last week, sorry that we did not make the rounds. The laptop’s charging pin has separated from the motherboard, and is in the Best Buy ICU (Intensive Care Unit). The hope is, that in true Monty Python and the Holy Grail fashion, that it is “not dead yet” and will feel better soon (in about 14 business days). This justifies (to the POW) the reason to always get the warranty that covers act of God/ act of Child. It also confirms to Fabulous Spouse that before our family left Ireland for the United States all those generations ago, that someone must have stepped on a leprechaun by accident and that we are most probably related to the Murphys. Darned you Murphy’s Law!!!

Here is our Design Team entry for this week’s sketch #84 at Tuesday Trio…a baby card. Creative Me had fun, as she was able to break out the embossing gun for the white (as white ink just never shows real well).

...and we made cookies (oatmeal butterscotch)...

As for memorabilia week, the POW is pretty sure that PA Me and the Inner Hoarder arranged the whole broken laptop thing to distract us long enough to pull out the old Jedi mind trick “this is not the memorabilia that you are looking for”, and so we did not go there. *sigh*

As for this week, it is negatives. The POW is still pretty negative over the laptop thing, but we think that Zen Master Wookiemouse meant photo negatives. Luckily, we are digital, and this is the third time around! We store our photos on a terabyte external hard drive, and offsite uploaded to Costco (where we get most of our printing done).

Also, Illusive Middle Child and Girl Friday had their first real football game (American Football). We won 13-0 (thank goodness!!!), and we think that Illusive Middle Child ,#77 and the 2nd string center (ball holder for the offense for my non American football friends) has drank the cool-aide and become a believer and convert for life (Girl Friday had fun too.  She is the top of the pyramid in front).

Happy WOYWW!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 24 (round 4): WOYWW #118 and memorabilia (intro)

For starters, let’s have a great woo hoo for back to school!


Second, it is that time of the week again for fabulous work desks around the world at Julia’s Stamping Ground as a part of the WOYWW (What’s On Your Work-desk Wednesday). We are here transmitting from the lovely Pacific Northwest, with a defunct laptop that will not hold a charge (*booooo*).

So, it is off today to the computer repair wizard. Promise, Promise that we will get back to any and all commenters, as we know that there are few truths in life…one is never to fight a land war in Asia, and another is never to cross a Sicilian when death is on the line (from Vincini in the Princess Bride). However, even lesser known still, is not to kill the laptop, when WOYWW is on the line!

As this is the second attempt at this post, let me just share Creative Me’s card (minus publisher’s cropping and editing).

This is our sketch for Tuesday Trio’s Sketch #83 (Pink/White/Brown). Creative Me broke out the acrylic paints for this one (as well as our favorite butterfly punch!!)!

As for memorabilia, it has been the bane of our existence since day one! It is the reason that we quit round 2, and limped along round 3. It is the one thing that if any scrapbooker has an Inner Hoarder, takes them too far…

As the POW is currently struggling with laptop issues, we promise to post more about this later…


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 23 (round 4): OLW Blog Hop

Today is September 1st, which means that it is time for all of us participating in the One Little Word class with Ali Edwards to share our homework from last month (goes live at 8AM PST).  It is also the first day of school (Yeah!)

The POW was happy to have a relatively easy assignment, as the end of August was rather hectic (and to be honest, no matter how hard OCD Me tries to get us to do our homework early, somehow PA Me seems to push harder, and we always seem to do it in the last week! It is no different now than when we were in school ourselves *sigh*)

Anyway...Here is our work.

Creative Me was a little underwhelmed, but after the stress of July’s playlist, no one else was complaining. Ali challenged us to use one photo and pick from a canned list to describe ourselves at this point.

We picked this photo, rather than one of an “embrace” (our word for 2011), as this is the role that we are “embracing” right now. Football mom and paparazzi. Two hours a day since August 1st, football has become a family affair…and it will continue until November! Now that is a change to embrace!
To see the rest of the fabulous ladies and their homework, visit these blogs:

Monica B
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