Monday, January 31, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 22 (round 3): Dies Part 1

International Blog Candy!
First, the Infomercial: This week at Tuesday Trio, we are proud to announce a new Design Team Member: Zehavit Shaked! And in honor of her joining, we are having an international Blog Hop! …with Blog Candy! That’s right ladies! You too could win a small package of paper crafting goodness from this site and each of the other Design Team blogs as well!

Sound too good to be true! No! This is no Sham-Wow! This is an honest to goodness freebie!  No shipping and handling required! All you need to do, is 1) become a follower. These are their rules not ours, sorry... and 2) post the answer to the following question: What area do you most need help organizing (scrapbook related…I do not do hall closets, pantries, or under the kids beds…the sock monster lives there and he scares me)? At the end of the Blog Hop, we will random number generator a winner. It does not matter where you live. If you can receive mail, you can enter! Now back to your regular programming…

Here is my Design Team Card for Sketch 52 this week at Tuesday Trio. The bonus challenge it to use glitter.  It has glimmer mist from Tattered Angels that the photograph just does not pick up.  Bummer! Creative Me has forgotten how messy glitter can be…It is like sand from the just gets everywhere...and you can still find remnants six months later.  Another hiccup, Creative Mee failed to account for how slow the glue can dry when it is raining nonstop and just damp out. The POW thinks that rain is OK. We could be like the rest of the United States and be under FEET of snow!
As for dies… the Inner Hoarder has never really taken to die cutting machines. That is why we have our Cricut (see Week 20: Dies Part 1 & Part 2).  The love was done on the Cricut machine. This leaves me with this little guy. Believe it or not, Creative Me won this as the Grand Prize at a crop. We got a ticket for each layout completed. With our Irish luck (yes, we are part Irish…and therefore Murphy’s Law applies in almost any given situation), we won the one prize that we would not use. It has been out of the box once since…
My challenge to myself this week… break out this sucker and use it for my layout… and find it a home in the scrap room! Well, that, finally get Illusive Middle Child's mini album done, and homemade Valentines Day cards for Girl Friday (who is not happy that the Illusive Middle Child has entered her scrapping kingdom).  Also, February's One Little Word homework should be up! Speaking of OLW,  they are blog hopping too today (and I am the last link!) Here is my Word Inspiratioin mini...why we chose Embrace, and here is our completed January homework!  Creative Me will be busy this week, so wish us luck!

(resuming infomercial voice) Here are the other bloggers in the Tuesday Trio Blog Hop:

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 21 (round 3): Pens and Pencils Part 3?

Ok here it is! Creative Me’s opus. Ok, Ok . It is not that great. However, considering that this was a weekend (CHA weekend!!!) in the middle of a household of three active children, a layout is indeed a feat of miraculous proportions.
For those of you who were wondering… no, Illusive Middle Child did not place in his pinewood derby. He actually only made it to the finish line only one out of three tries, as one of his wheels was sticking. So the POW has been on the Ego repair and recovery team all weekend, and we let him pick the pizza and the movie for Pizza and a Movie Night on Saturday.

The Illusive Middle Child mini album is in process. OCD Me has not said anything untoward, even after the eighth time that Illusive Middle Child managed to screw up the ATG gun by rolling towards than away from himself. We feel like Wesley from the Princess Bride (if you have not seen this Netflix it now, it is THE movie from my generation…well one of the top 10 anyways…) calling out “as you wish” while being pushed into the Fire Swamp by his obviously misguided love. Seriously, it is hard not to go Mommy Dearest with your child as they play with all of your most favorite toys (I know, shame on me for sharing my favorite toys in the first place. But if we don’t share now, how can he get in trouble for not sharing later?)

Well the layout is up, as promised. So we hope that you enjoy! Note: Creative Me has currently decided that white pens are totally cool and used them to write under the large photo!

Heads up for Tuesday…dies week! (According to Wookiemouse, Dies and Die Cuts are not in the same category…though as a not big owner of non Cricut dies I tend to disagree). You either have mountains or not much at all!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 21 (round 3): Pens and Pencils Part 2

All right everyone, the POW is sad to report, that there is no new layout today. We will strive to have one posted by Sunday though. Creative Me fully intended to create one (the pictures are printed and everything). However, it just did not happen. PA Me had Creative Me tied up with The Illusive Middle Child all week, trying to make him feel less like… a middle child… by working on his mini album (not complete yet… The Illusive Middle Child does not create at the same frenetic pace as Girl Friday). Also, this week was the ever arduous Pinewood Derby car turn in (race tonight).

For those not blessed with a brother or son in Boy Scouts (or Boy Scouts of America at any rate), the Pinewood Derby is when boys are supposed to channel their Creative Me and Inner Handyman and transform a block of wood into a racing car…then race it. At some point, it devolved into a looped episode featuring Tim the Tool Man Taylor (coltishly chanting “more power ah ah ah ah”). In a testosterone laden battle (that usually involves the boys maybe being able to touch the block of wood at some point) of male and tool prowess, fathers go to extremes to “help” their boys win. We have Boeing engineers as dads in our Pack (seriously for real aeronautical and structural engineers!).
Did the POW mention that Fabulous Spouse was out of town on travel? No worries! Super Grampy and Illusive Middle Child made their car this summer (so that Illusive Middle Child could actually…make it-totally novel concept, I know). He has more patience than we do. We just needed to machine the wheels and axels, add weights (cannibalized from last year’s car) and have the wheels added… Here is Illusive Middle Child putting on his wheels himself (*gasp*). We have already had the “someone needs to come in last talk” but that is OK as he came in 2nd in his den last year, and that was just a mom and me car all child made! So Scouts Tuesday (weigh in, registration, drivers license photo), Thursday (Pack meeting) … and tonight (the big RACE)! Oh, and the Boeing engineers have totally tricked out the track so that it runs by computer and calculates down to .001 second race times…seriously.

Also, the POW finally had a book come into the library that had been on hold like forever, and the POW is ashamed to say that when she went to read the first chapter, PA Me took over, and we read the whole thing (up until 3 am…)! So, In honor of the Pinewood Derby, here is my layout from last year…note the numbers are permanent marker on white brads, so PA Me is convinced that it counts.

As for pens and pencils, OCD Me keeps them in two places right now. The ink pens that match my ink pads live in the side of my ink caddy.  They are not too far from my seat, so creative me can grab them when needed.

The rest live in my tool bag. This is their home because unil this week, OCD Me had not discovered a better solution.

However, Fabulously Crafty Mel (scrappn usmc from 2 Peas) has the coolest storage idea, that OCD Me wants to steal, and it will make anyone’s Inner Hoarder just shout with joy and participate and collect stuff. She must be at least a green belt in Zen Master Wookiemouse organization, because she is a much better organizer. Voila! A Crystal Light container caddy!

We all ready have one! Inner Hoarder is super excited. OCD Me has cleared a space for it on the desk. The POW just shakes her head. It is not too big of a reveal…but it’s a start. Mel also has copics.  Click here to see!

Have a great weekend!  Will get that layout up!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 21 (round 3): Pens and Pencils Part 1

This week starts off with another card for Tuesday Trio (Sketch #51). The theme for the sketch was hidden tags, but with the upcoming (or is it impending?) Valentine’s Day, Creative Me (currently going through pearl withdrawal. Fabulous spouse performed an intervention last week, and the withdrawl process has not been going well.) decided that we needed some candy in lieu of bling! Mmmmm…candy…. Is it really fair to have the Super Bowl and Valentines so close to December?

Sue, a.k.a. Midwest girl- you may note that while I no longer have sticky pearls…there are still plenty of swirls. Yes, my name is Scrappnbee and I have a problem. But seriously, it looks kind of cool! For this card, Creative Me brought out all of her current addictions…dots and swirls (using best PBS voice: brought to you today by a white gel pen), butterflies, brads, flowers, and GLIMMERMIST! Seriously, it is like going to the Dark Side without the nasty side effects of super wrinkles and red eyes or black chrome and asthma.

Creative Me can do a lot, but OCD Me says freehanding symmetry is not one of them. So, here is Creative Me cutting up some butterfly paper which she had glued to thin chipboard to make a mask for the card (or is it a stencil?). Don’t use the good stuff. Inner Hoarder says that this chipboard comes courtesy of Costco…free gift with purchase when you purchase enlargements.

Then these chipboard butterflies were strategically placed on the card base…Don’t over think this part.

Spray with glimmermist by Tattered Angels.  This is your chance to go all Jackson Polluck or unleash the Anti-OCD Me! Then, Creative me removed the chipboard, and put another lighter layer of glimmermist, but the outline of butterflies remains! (and the paper now has a shimmery sueded look).

Then Embellish! Use pearls, rhinestones, or your pens if you too are in rehab due to your current overdependence on the first two!  Creative Me originally went without the swirls, as you can see, but the card was just a little too plain!

As for pens and pencils , now is the time to do a health check. Pop in your Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and get out a piece of scrap paper (or junk mail envelopes) and determine whether or not these pens are dead or alive… “I’m not dead yet…” This is good for two reasons. One, your inner OCD Me gets to feel like she has accomplished something, and your Inner Hoarder will get to make a list for that 40% off coupon from your big box store. Besides, it is never cool to go to journal and realize that someone (Girl Friday) “borrowed” your best journaling pen, and now the nib is cracked and a little dried out…

Also, how are you going to store your pens and pencils? Do they live in your tool bag? Do they live in a container of like colors (all reds) or same brand/type (copics with copics, watercolor pencils all together, ink pens together)? Girl Friday keeps hers here in another Iris 12x12 Clamshell, and it is just a big… party… in there… pencils, markers, crayons, legos, playdough and more. The POW will reveal our pen and pencil solutions at the end of the week.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 20 (round 3): Die Cuts Part 2

One of the things that Creative Me loves about this Organize your Stuff Challenge is creating a Layout that showcases what it is we are organizing. Sometimes it is easy, and sometimes it is more of a challenge. Using the Cricut is easy (see last post). However, using my meager stash of premade die cuts that now live in a half filled 12x12 Iris Clamshell (The POW is seriously thinking of buying stock in Iris as we seem to use these clamshells A LOT)...not so much.

So, back Creative Me went to the Wild Asparagus die cuts that are still languishing in die cut Limbo, and finally took them out of the darkness and walked them into the light. Really a little unsure what to do with them, we pulled up our 2 peas website and used our die cuts to complete the Calendar Girls January scraplift challenge for page 2 of the two page layout. The rest just sort of came together!

As for the Cricut Cartridges…OCD Me had grand plans for them. However, Girl Friday had grand plans for an Elephant Family mini album (she has many many stuffed elephants), and PA Me was more than happy to make sure that Girl Friday and Creative Me got quality time together, especially if meant no organizing. However, the POW was not going to let PA Me get this week too sidetracked and snuck OCD Me the label maker, so that OCD Me could feel like some progress was made… even if it was not much. Now all the Cricut Cartridges are labeled and restacked in their cabinet, a little more organized.

Just in case you were wondering… PA Me and the Inner Hoarder were laughing until they got stitches in their sides and totally unattractive snot bubbles came out their noses while watching the POW hold OCD Me back during Girl Friday’s creative time. While Creative Me was encouraging Girl Friday to use acrylic paint and glimmer mist, OCD Me was ready to go all Mommy Dearest with a coat hanger. LOL! It is amazing how used one gets to staying in the lines and matching papers so the edges match just right… this was much more…organic… yes, we will go with that…organic. Nobody got hurt, even when Girl Friday used the paper piercer to get xyron glue boogers out of her Cricut letters… (although the POW did have to practically sit on OCD Me when Girl Friday put the letters on the pages all catty wompus ) Here it is in all of its 6 year old creative glory. Now the POW has to unload the digital camera as Illusive Middle Child now wants a mini album too…(except his will be legos, not elephants). Wish us Luck! See you on Tuesday for Week 21: Pens and Pencils.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 20 (round 3): Die Cuts Part 1

This week is another Vintage Week at Tuesday Trio! Here is Sketch #50 (designed by fellow DT-Michal Shoval) and my Design Team entry. Just so you know, Fabulous Spouse performed an intervention and has taken my Kaisercraft pearls away. So, no more swirls until the Inner Hoarder can sneak them back… he thinks that Creative Me has become addicted. So, cross my heart, no pearls for the next two entries…pinky swear! (However, shhhhh... we do still have buttons).
This week is Die Cuts week. Die cuts have evolved SO much since we walked into our first LSS and bought a pre printed pop out title. Anyone remember using those cuticle scissors to try and cut those die cuts down to the black outlines? (back to that kindergarten thing again…white is the enemy). We have been lucky. I have several of those layouts from the 1990s in my finished scrapbooks, but due to budget issues, I never acquired a large cache of these. (The POW says that is because we were introduced to stamps at the same time, and stamps were reusable, so the Inner Hoarder got LOTS of those instead). However, if your Inner Hoarder did not get too sidetracked, this may be something that you need to tackle.

The Inner Hoarder also never got a Sizzix, the next generation of diecuts- make your own! (again, it was a budget thing)... however those Spellbinders dies are SO COOL. By the time that POW was finally convinced that make your own diecuts were worth the investment by the begging and pleading of both Creative Me and the Inner Hoarder, the Cricut had come on the scene! We Love our Cricut with it’s tiny Atari cartridges full of potential. So, since March 2007, whenever Cricut cartridges have gone on sale, the Inner Hoarder has been on the hunt! This is the area that OCD Me really need to organize a little more, so that Creative Me can use them to their full potential!  (currently they are just chucked into a cabinet and Creative Me needs to pull half of them out to find the one she wants.)

Just to inspire you with your die cuts and die cut storage, here are a couple of layouts that Creative Me has been putting together this weekend (during a Two Peas Virtual Crop) for Fabulous Spouse from his Iraq Deployment in 2007… yes, PA Me has just gotten this project to Creative Me. It only took 3.5 years. Three words: bright shiny objects. Actually, three kids who keep doing stuff and the fact that the POW has not figured out how to stop time and catch up on past projects. These still need a bunch of journaling, but you get the idea!
Flight to Kuwait 2007
Cars Cricut Cartridge-Totally loving the Guido that Creative me pieced together!

Camp Virginia, Kuwait
Plantin School Book cartridge-yellow title

Kuwaiti Sunset
Stand & Salute-United We Stand phrase
Plantin School Book-Brackets & orange title

So, off to sort those cartridges and get back to scrapping!  See you later in the week!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 19 (round 3): Chipboard part 2

This week the layout Creative Me was working on her homework for the Ali Edwards One Little Word class. This was kind of fun, as Fabulous Spouse and the POW spent an evening on dueling laptops trying to find the perfect quote (OCD Me cut and pasted a two page word file of alternate quotes in case we need them later). Very ironically,we felt that one by Dean Koontz (Horror/ thriller novelist) spoke most to us. Does that mean that we need therapy?

When the POW and OCD Me were done with all the bookwork part of the assignment, then Creative Me broke out Illusive Middle Child’s old set of Crayola watercolors. Personally, she has been spending too much time in Girl Friday’s Kindergarten where we must zap the white! White paper is the enemy!…and over half of the page was covered in it! …maybe we should cut back on volunteering with little ones.
The POW, who is always a little concerned when Creative Me starts rooting around in the kids’ school supplies, is actually quite pleased in how this turned out. If you had told the POW that this layout would have sparkly Thickers, chipboard, beads, buttons, flowers, magic mesh, jeweled brads, punches, fabric boarder stickers and watercolors…she would have laughed, and said that it would look like a scrapbook store threw up on it! However, I think that the POW underestimates Creative Me sometimes, and this turned out well.

For half a minute, Creative Me thought of using the sewing machine again on the bottom left square, but OCD Me barred the way. OCD Me reminded Creative Me that the sewing machine is still in solitary confinement to think about her tension issues and receive help that we cannot provide. If we tried to deal with her right now, the sewing machine would probably end up with the death penalty (and it would be a violent and messy death). So, no machine stitching, just this little bit on the chipboard "e".

As for chipboard, my tiny stash is firmly tucked away. Again, therapy is probably in my future, because OCD Me would just look at this pile and be at a loss. There is not much free space left in the scrap room, and really, there aren’t enough pieces (Inner Hoarder, this is not an invitation to shop…seriously) to justify a whole “system”…which is really OCD Me’s meat and potatoes. So, while reading Zen Master Wookiemouse’s blog for the umpteenth time (sorry Google translate friends, umpteenth= a lot more times than is healthy or more than four), she was finally inspired.
Wookiemouse had chucked her 3-drawer Sterlite drawers because they were not quite big enough for the really big chipboard pieces, and she had well…a lot! OCD Me goes…THAT’S IT! She runs upstairs to the almost completely empty old scrap room, and finds the empty 3-drawer Sterlite container and brings it down stairs. Five minutes later, OCD Me is done. There are now three categories for chipboard pieces in the Scrappnbee Scraproom: alphabets, shapes, and finished pieces (alphabets and shapes). Plus, there is room to spare.  So, here it is above, and it is great because my ATG Gun and scrap bin fit right on top!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 19 (round 3): Chipboard Part 1

This week starts the Anniversary events for Tuesday Trio, and Creative me is so honored to have the sketch that she created be chosen for this week! Pop on over to Tuesday Trio and have a chance to get some great free blog candy! Here is my Design Team Card for Sketch #49!
Just so you know, when this sketch was submitted to Tuesday Trio, Creative Me was still a contestant, and did not really think that we had a chance of making the design team. Therefore, she had no problem with suggesting that the bonus challenge was to use stitching…since she was not going to make the team… So, imagine the POW’s surprise when the Sketch was accepted and we made the design team!
You may not be aware, but currently, my sewing machine and I are on strict supervised visitations. Apparently, she has tension issues that she enjoys taking out on Creative Me and OCD Me. This causes extreme amounts of stress and violent tendencies on the parts of my personalities. (Note: It took me forty minutes to stitch four inches with my machine without it jamming up. Creative me could have hand stitched the whole thing in less time. But why hand stitch when you have a sewing machine? With tension issues?!?!)

Now, to the issue at hand…chipboard. Ok, OCD Me has serious chipboard issues. This is where we ended up after Round 2.  Totally under inspiring.  Now, the Inner Hoarder has not acquired that much chipboard, so this should not be a big deal. But, the POW has come to realization that since we do not have enough chipboard for nine (9) 12x12 Iris containers (and Fabulous Spouse, don’t worry! We do not intend to go shopping and get more just to make this mentally easier! …. Hmmm, shopping…. No. Must stick to budget!) like Zen Master Wookiemouse (her blog here), it is actually more of a challenge.

So, provided that the weather gods don’t have a sick sense of humor, and keep my kids home with a snow day or two this week, the POW has promised to support OCD Me and come up with a solution that does not involve a giganticly big bin. Wish us luck and rain instead of snow!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 18 (round 3): Tools & Adhesives Part 2

Here is my layout for the Week:

Used my favorite tool from Tuesday for this one! The Tim Holtz tonic piercer put the glue dots on my Thickers…Creative Me knows that supposedly they have changed, but too many Thickers have fallen off my pages, so now they all get double duty adhesive! Also, I used the piercer to pierce holes for the brads in the middle of the flowers. Page 2 in this 2 page layout was inspired by the Challenge Sketch for January from the 2 Peas Calendar Girls.

Now, drum roll please! Adhesives are finally corralled! It was the wild, wild west here for a while (and not the weird Will Smith movie version with all the strange mechanical inventions). We admit to putting off the inevitable, but PA Me kept saying… I know the perfect solution, so when things calm down, it will only take a minute… so let’s do it later!

The POW is pretty sure that PA Me could have been a Jedi (this is not the droid you are looking for…) except that it take work, dedication, and actually showing up for Jedi class. So, last night, after working at my local scrap book store, OCD Me was all jazzed with organized scrapbook energy and was ready to tackle the probably five minute task of organizing adhesive. (OCD Me gets terribly frustrated by PA Me, because most of the time these tasks are rather simple and not terribly time consuming.)
Step 1: Get hanging basket from old scrap room desk and bring down stairs.

Step 2: Hang basket in Expidit bookcase so that there are 2 levels for adhesives… then realize that the basket is too wide for the space provided.

The POW then spent the better part of an hour moderating between OCD Me who wanted to find a new solution, and PA Me who had thrown in the towel and wanted to get some quality DVR time in with the TV since Fabulous Spouse was out of town. The POW finally put her foot down and reminded PA Me that yes Fabulous Spouse was out of town. That means that the Laundry Fairy was out of town too. So PA Me had a choice. Play with OCD Me and a little glue or do laundry for five. Amazingly, with negotiation skills like that, PA Me had linked arms with OCD Me and the two of them set off to create adhesive order (maybe I am wrong, and it is the POW who is the real Jedi Master).
SO, now adhesives are done, my layout is done, and we are ready for next week-Chipboard on Tuesday! …off to tackle that laundry. Darned missing laundry fairy!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 18 (round 3): Tools & Adhesives Intermission

We are so Excited!!! This year, Creative Me convinced our personalities that we could conquer Ali Edward’s twelve month One Little Word (OLW) class! (Due to our excitement the POW is warning that we may over exclamate this post). Tonight is our first quarterly live chat… and I don’t have to be somewhere else with kids!!!

Also, in an attempt to increase my productivity… because PA Me needs someone to make her accountable … I am also trying to join/ keep up with the Calendar Girls on 2 Peas in a Bucket! So, that will give me four projects in four weeks to accomplish…or try to at any rate.

So, a couple times a month… we hope… there should be a bonus intermission post! (YEAH!)…

My OLW for 2011: EMBRACE!
Here is a five page mini-album that Creative Me made for the Calendar Girls (one project down, three to go!!!). We had to show what we wanted to see in 2011, and here is what I have so far. OCD Me wants you to know that it isn’t finished yet, but the POW figured that if we waited for perfect, then it would be June before we had pictures. This is the insides...
Here is me and Fabulous Spouse.  I thing that it is always important to say "I love you" every night, and give hugs whenever possible!
Here is my tribe.  In the pocket are pictures of them individually with things that I need to remember... like there really is an angel inside Girl Friday.  It may take an excorsism or two to find it, but it is there... especially when you least expect it!
Creative Me thought that it would be "So Cool" to stamp and emboss the photo.  Note:  Embossing guns cause photos to bubble (at least the Costco kind).  Luckilly, it is just nature that was slightly distorted... not that we have anything against nature...except that it is dirty, usually wet (here in Washington State), and lumpy.  Oh, and nature eats stuff (including trash) when you turn your back on it.  Otherwise, totally LOVE it.
Ironically, there are no pictures of me being the Domestic Goddess that I should be.  That is why there is no Domestic Goddess on the sidebar, and I have been cleaning my scraproom for a year!  Need to find and embrace my inner Domestic Goddess!!!
Finally, as busy as our schedule gets, it is important not to let our Traditions go!  Whether it is remembering our Irish heritage by wearing green on St. Patrick's Day, or weekly traditions, like every Friday's Pizza and a Movie Night.  Those are the things that help make Family special!

Hope you liked it!This seems perfect for me for many reasons. I am a big hugger, and love to embrace my family! However, everyone has their quirks, and sometimes I need to embrace that too! There are things…like camping in tents… that my kids LOVE and I need to embrace more. *sigh* There are things that I avoid (I blame you PA Me!)… like cleaning bathrooms. Those I need to consciously embrace.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 18 (round 3): Tools & Adhesives Part 1

Welcome 2011 and the first post of the year!!!

This marks the One Year Anniversary of Tuesday Trio weekly paper crafting sketch site! Happy Birthday TT! To celebrate, we have a real challenge… a Circular Sketch! The bonus challenge is to make it vintage, and so here is my Design Team Entry for Sketch #48:

It seems that Creative Me has gotten us into a sticky situation through this past year. Our shelves runneth over with adhesives (glues, sticky stuff, tapes). The Inner Hoarder has helped with this mess, as she is my resident shopper, and you know…if it is on sale…. Oh well! Now it is up to the POW and OCD Me to pick up the mess for the next post!

Fabulous Crisann gave us the Question of the Week, this week at 2 Peas: What is your one “must have” tool that you cannot scrap without?

Last year, I picked my perfect layers (you can see it here). It is still my #1. However, as a close #2 I picked my Tim Holts tonic paper piercer. The funny thing is that I got this a free gift with purchase about two years ago, and now, I cannot scrap without it!

This tool can pierce through paper for setting brads (and Creative Me is a total brad junkie!) or things with prongs, marking a hole to be set with a crop-a-dile or eyelet. I have used it to clear glue bottle(and Stickle bottle) blockages. I have even used it, as with this card, to hold items in place as I used an embossing gun on small items. In short, it is a great multi-tasker (a la Alton Brown) and it just Rocks!

Also, this week is tools! Here is the new tool bag that Santa brought me! 

Not including your templates, dies and die cutting machine, this week covers that box marked- Other! Most importantly, how do you store those things you use to help you create (and that we have not tackled yet)? Do you have canisters on your desk, a lazy susan (rotating circular device), or boxes. Do you sort by type (all your paper cutters stored together) or by the things that you use the most and least (dust those least items…spring cleaning just came early). Where is that eyelet setter stored? That bind-it-all? Those gianormous xyron machine that you got several Black Fridays ago and haven’t used since you volunteered to laminate things for the PTA?  Do you put Everthing away in boxes?  or hang it on pegboard?  I would love to see your solutions, or you can visit Zen Master Wookiemouse again!

Well, off to start the task of cleaning up!  See you later!