Monday, February 1, 2010

Organize your Stuff Challenge: Week 5 Scraps

For me, scraps is a pretty easy week. Sorry. To answer this week's challenge question:Do you use your scraps? Yes, I do use scraps, but so does my little girl. Girl Friday eyes them like a lioness waiting for that one stray beast to slip from the herd... then *BAM* ...before you know it, it is gone from the stash forever. Needless to say, I have zero pink scraps, and surprisingly fewer 12x12 pink pages than I recall purchasing. A moment of silence, for those poor scraps who have given their lives so that the rest may live on.

Creative me was inspired by my stash of 3 and 4 inch strips for this week's LO. Most of my scraps fit into this category. I think that is mostly because I "cheat" and make 8x8 albums for the year in review that send out for Mother's Day. ( addition to getting organized, my goal this year, Mom, is that you will get your Mother's Day album before August...take that PA Me).
This is my before pile. No, don't hate me for having so little to organize. As I said before, you, at least, have the color pink as an option on scrapbook day. The green folder has all of my strips and patterned, black, and white scraps, the pile of smaller squares came with kits that have since been absorbed into my 12x12 misc. papers, and the iris case has paper waiting to be sacrificed to Girl Friday... I can only give her a little at a time. It is like having a starving termite. One sheet or 50, the paper is consumed in minutes, and she is back for another.

PA Me got to take charge, again, for a while this week, while the POW was worried about other things. I kept looking at how little the pile was, and getting distracted by bigger things. This week was Pinewood Derby week for my middle child...and for those of you who have had boys in Scouts... it is an operation more tricky than herding cats, with both boys' and mens' egos at stake. It matters not that the boy wanted to anything but work on his car, on race day, magically he had better win! (Not to brag, but...Mine came in 2nd in his den and 7th in the Pack Finals!...)

Thank goodness for easy weeks though, as the POW put her foot down. PA Me finally had a choice, clean bathrooms or sort the scraps. Scraps won (go figure). So, I emptied my accordion... and found a marble (no money this month, darn!) I sorted my strips ROYGBIV and put them back. Girl Friday got 2 of them. I just was not fast enough!. The other scraps were sorted by size then color and put in two $1 WalMart CD cubes. Ta-Da! Done. Scraps-After.
I think that I have achieved my yellow belt in Organization. Next week will be a doosy (photos, agghhh!)!

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Sarah said...

Hey, love that layout from the scraps! I'm enjoying your blog. :)

(SDeven from 2peas)