Friday, January 28, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 21 (round 3): Pens and Pencils Part 2

All right everyone, the POW is sad to report, that there is no new layout today. We will strive to have one posted by Sunday though. Creative Me fully intended to create one (the pictures are printed and everything). However, it just did not happen. PA Me had Creative Me tied up with The Illusive Middle Child all week, trying to make him feel less like… a middle child… by working on his mini album (not complete yet… The Illusive Middle Child does not create at the same frenetic pace as Girl Friday). Also, this week was the ever arduous Pinewood Derby car turn in (race tonight).

For those not blessed with a brother or son in Boy Scouts (or Boy Scouts of America at any rate), the Pinewood Derby is when boys are supposed to channel their Creative Me and Inner Handyman and transform a block of wood into a racing car…then race it. At some point, it devolved into a looped episode featuring Tim the Tool Man Taylor (coltishly chanting “more power ah ah ah ah”). In a testosterone laden battle (that usually involves the boys maybe being able to touch the block of wood at some point) of male and tool prowess, fathers go to extremes to “help” their boys win. We have Boeing engineers as dads in our Pack (seriously for real aeronautical and structural engineers!).
Did the POW mention that Fabulous Spouse was out of town on travel? No worries! Super Grampy and Illusive Middle Child made their car this summer (so that Illusive Middle Child could actually…make it-totally novel concept, I know). He has more patience than we do. We just needed to machine the wheels and axels, add weights (cannibalized from last year’s car) and have the wheels added… Here is Illusive Middle Child putting on his wheels himself (*gasp*). We have already had the “someone needs to come in last talk” but that is OK as he came in 2nd in his den last year, and that was just a mom and me car all child made! So Scouts Tuesday (weigh in, registration, drivers license photo), Thursday (Pack meeting) … and tonight (the big RACE)! Oh, and the Boeing engineers have totally tricked out the track so that it runs by computer and calculates down to .001 second race times…seriously.

Also, the POW finally had a book come into the library that had been on hold like forever, and the POW is ashamed to say that when she went to read the first chapter, PA Me took over, and we read the whole thing (up until 3 am…)! So, In honor of the Pinewood Derby, here is my layout from last year…note the numbers are permanent marker on white brads, so PA Me is convinced that it counts.

As for pens and pencils, OCD Me keeps them in two places right now. The ink pens that match my ink pads live in the side of my ink caddy.  They are not too far from my seat, so creative me can grab them when needed.

The rest live in my tool bag. This is their home because unil this week, OCD Me had not discovered a better solution.

However, Fabulously Crafty Mel (scrappn usmc from 2 Peas) has the coolest storage idea, that OCD Me wants to steal, and it will make anyone’s Inner Hoarder just shout with joy and participate and collect stuff. She must be at least a green belt in Zen Master Wookiemouse organization, because she is a much better organizer. Voila! A Crystal Light container caddy!

We all ready have one! Inner Hoarder is super excited. OCD Me has cleared a space for it on the desk. The POW just shakes her head. It is not too big of a reveal…but it’s a start. Mel also has copics.  Click here to see!

Have a great weekend!  Will get that layout up!


Deborah said...

LOVE the Crystal Light container caddy :) What a great idea!!

Becky said...

My nephew is a Boy Scout, so I can somewhat relate to the Pinewood Derby issues :) I can't tell you how many times I've picked up a book at the library and end up finishing it in a day, much to the households dismay! That Crystal Light idea is genius and I'm impressed you have an area already cleaned off for it!

Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

Oh yes, we have fond Pinewood Derby memories. That is quite a stash of pens, love how you have them organized!

Sharla said...

Love that storage container, very cool!!

hilde janbroers said...

great storage idea!!! have a great weekend and thanks for the Tea tree shampoo tip!

Steph said...

Love your ideas for organzing markers. I have been looking for something.

byondbzr said...

That container is so cool!

Jennifer said...

Love that crystal lite holder.

Tracy said...

That crystal lite holder is adorable.
1st I have to find these containers, have never seen them here
2nd Get me some markers to put in them ;)