Monday, March 21, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 29 (round 3): Finale- Room and Space Décor (part 1)

It is Tuesday again! It has been a rough week, but we have survived. Poor Oldest Child had the stomach bug and got sent home for two days (which got us out of jury duty to pick him up), we were in a jury duty holding pattern… and never got to see a real case… and there was the baby invasion!

Even with the invasion of the bedroom snatchers and OCD Me and the POW trying desperately to make sure that there were two clean and empty bedrooms for them to snatch… Creative Me found time to create this card for our Design Team post to Tuesday Trio for Sketch #59.
If you don’t see it, that is OK. Daily, our moderator, didn’t see it either, and we actually had to send this to her as she thought that we had created off of the wrong sketch!

Just in case you are wondering (or missed it earlier) we are officially the little old lady who lived in the shoe, who had so many kids (cats, dogs, spare parents) that we did not know what to do! That’s okay. Life in the shoebox is bound to be an adventure! Fabulous Spouse’s brother is going to Iraq soon, and so Awesome Auntie, the Toddler, the Baby, Cat #1, Cat #2, the Dog are our permanent house guests … or at least for the next year. Illusive Middle Child is now the Big Man on Campus, and Girl Friday has gone into Little Mommy overload. We think that the Oldest Child is ignoring the whole thing, but he is a bit psyched about the Dog (in Oldest Child lingo- that totally pones…don’t ask me, it is what he says).

As for this week, it is finally the Finale! Say that ten times fast!!! Believe it or not, the old death trap of a scrap room from Round 2 is now completely empty, vacuumed and painted penitentiary grey and six coats of red (as per Awesome Auntie’s request) for the nursery for her two little ones. This means that the Dining Room-now-Scrap Room is a little over cluttered (OCD Me will not allow pictures at this time.  She needs to straighten up first). Fortunately or un-, one of Awesome Auntie’s personalities is the De-Cluttering Fairy (unfortunately not related to the illusive laundry fairy, or the deep pocketed and equally illusive tooth fairy). That means that by the end of Round 4, our scrap room will look fabulous (especially if somehow the Declutter Fairy, OCD Me and the POW join forces *gasp*).


Mary Pat Siehl said...

very cute! love the owl!

hilde janbroers said...

love your card!!

Tammy said...

Love the owl! Sounds like quite the adventure at your house! :)

Bella said...

Very cute card! I'm with the other ladies I love the owl. He's so cute!

Tracy said...

Cute card!
So kind of you to open your home like this.
I painted my scrap/craft room a deep red, and it took 6 coats, that not including the coloured primer. Love it though

Becky said...

Whew, I'm exhausted just thinking about all that's going on at your house! :) I can't believe you've made it to the end and am excited to see your newly renovated dinning room turned scrap room! In answer to your question about the 4th, yes we do it up big here! It's a bit crazy actually, but I rather enjoy it. And thanks to people like your husband, brother in law, my brother in law and father for their service, we get to do it up big! Right? So I say we should make the most of it!