Monday, September 26, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 27 (round 4): Fonts

Ok, it is Monday, and not Friday. Somehow, the POW was sure that we would be able to pull off a post, even though we were up at 4:30AM and did not reach our destination… the tail end of a wedding rehearsal dinner until 8:50 PM (via 3 airplane transfers). We were sure we could do it.

No such luck. Oh well. Here is our layout that we promised.
The font is stickers. We really do not do much in the way of computer font work. Almost always, it is stickers or stamps… or *gasp* handwriting.

Yesterday was wedding day… and a pilgrimage to Buffalo Wild Wings (there are no Buffalo Wild Wings in the state of Washington). It has been almost two years since we got to enjoy their spicy wing-y goodness. Ironically we got to visit it again and again as we did lunch, then watched Ohio State and University of Washington play football during the two hours post wedding/ pre-reception. Then we finished up the night post-reception with Fabulous Spouse’s brothers and other guests.

We enjoyed a fabulous wedding where Fabulous Spouse’s next to youngest brother got married. The tribe even behaved for both the service and the reception that followed.

Here is Girl Friday dancing with the Groom while the Illusive Middle Child dances with the Bride. Congrats to both to J & K and thanks for a fabulous party!

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