Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Organize your Stuff: Week 12 (round 5): WOYWW 139 & OLW 2012

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Just like a blue moon, today is a rare intersection of my two favorite acronyms WOYWW (What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday) the weekly look at our crafty spaces around the world and what we are making there; and OLW (One Little Word) the word that is our New Year’s Resolution for life, and the homework that we share on the First of Every month about said word.

So, to start, here is our desk at 2 AM (yes, 2 AM…nothing like a little procrastination and a deadline to get Creative Me’s mojo flowing).

This desk is not unlike the many others around the world on display today at Julia’s Stamping Ground, stop on by if you would like a peek!

On the desk is this 9 patch for Ali Edwards’ One Little Word over at Big Picture Scrapbooking.

At the beginning of January, hundreds of us picked a word (or like us, the word picked us) and this is the homework that we had for this month.

Here is a peek at last year’s homework (same propmpt) for Embrace (link here). The POW is impressed at how different these words look on paper, despite being the same homework.

Last year, it took a while to pick a word to represent our upcoming year, but this year, there were no five way peace talk negotiations needed to get all the members of our mind onboard (although PA Me was a little late to the meeting). This year, we chose Journey. It seemed like a natural fit, as Fabulous Spouse left to go on a Journey to Afghanistan for a year, starting the day after Christmas, and we were going to be going on a single parent Journey trying to juggle the household of three VERY active children in his absence… and trust us, it has been one HECK of a journey so far!!! Also *spoiler alert to first time OLW’ers*, come summertime, we have to come up with a playlist for our word, and we love Journey songs!

So, easy as it was to pick a word, it was a little harder to come up with our quote. We were back and forth with Fabulous Spouse over Facebook (as his base does not have phone or skype-ability). This is what we settled on, as we liked several, but did not LOVE one the same way we loved our EMBRACE quote. See you March 1st with our photo homework!

(**Skip to end if you do not want to hear about our family…this is not the personal section you are looking for***)

This week’s summary of family happenings has Fabulous Spouse safely at his end point in Afghanistan. It was not quite the duty station that we expected, as he still has not found a wi fi spot or a working outside phone. Can you hear me now? Um… no?! Anyways, here he is at his 48 hour layover in Kandahar...  This is their version of a 4 star hotel..

In the great wide world of sports, Oldest Child started wrestling, and the little guys are still playing basketball and loving it!... They have even asked for a hoop to be installed in the backyard to practice.

Illusive Middle Child had his cub scout Pinewood derby, and came in fourth in his Den with his “submarine” car that he made and painted all by himself.

Here is the blog list for OLW. Thanks for stopping and visiting!

Cindy C
Melissa S
Missus W
Monica B
Orange Gearle

Happy Hopping for OLW and WOYWW!


Mary Pat Siehl said...

lots going on!!

love your homework!

CraftygasheadZo said...

Wow lots happening. Hope you enjoy this WOYWW. Zo x 89

Ruth said...

Great word for you and your family # good luck with it in 2012!

JennL said...

great work this month with your OLW. you cards are lovely. i like the retro vibe and the key accent is perfect!

Lynn said...

Pretty collage.

Cynthia said...

Hehe I have seen that desk! I love your creativity; your page(s) really jump out. I love your word and I wish your husband all the best - not easy for sure. Thanks for sharing about your family.

Jan B said...

Welcome back to the hop! I think your quote for Journey is really good! Hope your word continues to draw you in this year. You have quite the challenges along the way. Thank your husband for me and thank YOU for supporting him as he serves our country overseas. Blessings...

Rebekah said...

Here's to another a beautiful new journey for you, I hope everything settles into a routine that is reasonable for you.

Cheri said...

love the color scheme for this year's "journey" and have to say ... it is amazing how different one year looks from the next! Found the same thing with my own.

Donna said...

Sounds like a great word for you. I loved your quote. Best of wishes to your husband. It is not easy for him to be away or to you to have him away.

May said...

busy busy bee lots going on , your page's are fantastic, Hugs May x x I have joined as a follower so as to visit in the future x x

jillconyers said...

Sounds like a perfect word for you guys!

sandee said...

Sending good vibes to your family and hoping your year of single parenting goes smoothly, well as smooth as it can be with active kids on hand! waving hi from the hills of NC :)

Lisa said...

Lovely page and word....and I'm glad someone else's space looks like mine :)

Helen said...

OLW sounds great - and I love your 9 Patch.. Hope your journey this year is a safe one. Happy WOYWW. Helen, 42

okienurse said...

glad to see your creative desk this week and I am also glad to hear your DH made it to his duty station without issue...discounting the phone. Congrats to mid child for the pinewood derby placement, older child for wrestling and basketball is such awesome fun! I am offering up some blog candy so come leave a comment on my blog and get a chance to win! Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Vickie #90

RosC said...

Love those pages. Very interesting to create variations on a theme. Your work space really looks very organised. Just curious - are you left-handed? I always look at how things are arranged and this is how it seems to me. :-)
Ros. (180)

Margie S (Nihao, Cupcake!) said...

Trying one last time to see if this will work. HOpefully, you received my email.:)

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I think you must be an expert in juggling by now - your family life sounds really busy. Keep smiling :)
Hugs, LLJ #68 xx

Jennifer Smith-Sloane said...

Totally love this! I love your space and I love your compilation for OLW!

Missus Wookie said...

I found it interesting to compare last year's pages to this year's. Fun seeing yours side by side.

K. Hutson said...

Thank you for sharing and thanks for showing last year's assignment, to this year - so you can see how it's changed and grown.


fairy thoughts said...

great creativity going on here,love your space.
thanks for sharing
janet #6

scrappymo! said...

Journey is very appropriate for your family. Wish i could enlarge the bits you attached...this looks so interesting.

I have a OLW for my year...but I am not doing the class...I just do my own searching and reflections towards attaining my goal "REBUILD".

I will finish up my WOYWW visits and then follow along with your OLW blog hop.

Sheena said...

You have a great space to work in!
I'm working my way through this weeks WOYWW - I’m slowly getting there!


sutty said...

Wow - beautiful work space and love your Ali Edwards pages, 4 star hotel!! what is a 1 star - I hope he stays safe, and lots of fantastic sporting and cub achievements :)

Rose Brier Studio said...

Beautiful page. I love the colours and soft images behind your words. Best wishes and prayers to you and your family. My nephew is also in Afghanistan.