Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Organize your Stuff (round 5): One Little Word Blog Hop

Nihao, Cupcake! Blog 
Sorry that we have been away. The POW has been overwhelmed with family duties, and had to rally all of us just to keep up with who’s on first and what’s on second! However, it is now the first of the month…Happy May Day! On the first of every month, a bunch of us who have chosen a word to follow or embrace for the year (ours is Journey) as a part of Ali Edwards’ One Little Word project at Big Pictures Classes post our homework results from the previous month.

The always awesome Margie at Nihao Cupcake organizes us every month, so contact her to get on the list if you want to share too!

This Month, Ali asked us to write a letter to ourselves that we can revisit next year. It is interesting to see how spot on, or off that we are, in the message that we leave our future selves.

As you can see, Creative me put a little tab on my right now you are… page. That is because Creative Me could not resist jazzing up the page…and the POW has some of the message (the more personal stuff) on the back.
The one thing that we are realizing is that JOURNEY is truly an appropriate word for this year. We continue to be thankful for the super amazing kids, the Fabulous Spouse and the strength that our Faith provides. The POW had truly forgotten how different every deployment can be. It is hard to remember sometimes that while the path remains basically the same, that so much of the Journey cannot be measured strictly by time and distance. What happens inside our heads makes all the difference. …and we somehow misplaced the Clone who was supposed to help with making sure that we all got where we needed to go and the house got cleaned. Hmmmm. Well, we are all here, mostly… and, yes, the cat does somehow manage to get fed twice a day. So, at this point in the Journey, it is a win/ win all around! …now if the Cat could learn how to drive…
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Lisa said...

I love the artistic touches on your letter! And, when you teach the cat how to drive, send him on over. I could use the help :)

Kimberlee Gerstmann said...

I agree with Lisa and could use help from the cat. Mine just attacks me and tries to make me fall down the stairs. LOL.

Nice post. I enjoyed reading about your personalities on the sidebar too. :)

Mary Pat Siehl said...

great journal decorations

Ruth said...

The thing about the cat made me smile, thanks for sharing.

Cheri said...

Your comment about the cat was perfect! Believe me, I get it. Hang in there!

Donna said...

I love how creative you were with your letter. Beautiful.

MonicaB said...

Love the banner and other elegant touches you added to the pages.

kelly said...

love, love, love your embellishment. such great journaling too. thanks for sharing.

Nikki said...

If you can teach a cat to drive can you come over and teach my daughter to drive - my nerves are shot! LOL love the journalling and the arty bits - great work

cinback said...

Love that "creative you" does what she wants and isn't afraid to be creative!!

Missus Wookie said...

Learning to drive is on my list for this year - perhaps your cat could help? ;) I rarely leave things just as they are - that's the fun part!