Monday, May 23, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 7 (round 4): Ideas part 2

While publications (yes, PA Me and the Inner Hoarder still have not done anything about them yet) and the net provide ideas and inspiration for many layouts. Sometimes it is really just a picture or the paper that makes it happen.

In a time where so many paper companies are closing…remember Rusty Pickle and Shabby Green Door? …There is a new paper company on the scene with some pretty cool stuff- Simple Stories. When we went to CKC Portland in March, Creative Me just fell in love with their Life Documented line, and the papers just shouted “Buy me! You will love me!”

The quote and photo mat page is what inspired this layout! Girl Friday is my Pepto-Bismol pink tomboy, and the Simple Stories papers just spoke to Creative Me as it managed to be grungy and girly at the same time. While OCD Me, PA Me, and the Inner Hoarder are still in seven ways negotiations via soup cans and waxed string, ideas still keep coming and the inspiration is there. (So don’t fret if your pile of ideas is still just a pile).

As for the rest of the week, everyone had scouts, Girl Friday and the Illusive Middle Child finished swim lessons, we celebrated our birthday (yeah!!!), and we saw Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (better than 2 and 3, but still not as good as the original). 

Finally, we went fishing with Oldest Child’s Boy Scouts on Saturday, and Illusive Middle Child’s Cub Scouts on Sunday. Therefore, we had rainbow trout for dinner last night… and the POW had to have the talk with Illusive Middle Child about how it was not nice to poke out eyeballs…even if it was your fish, it is dead, and we are just going to throw away the heads anyway. Seriously?! This was NOT anywhere in the parenting handbook.

Tomorrow: Projects, pages, and kits!


Mary Pat Siehl said...

great layout! i just heard of simple stories--the paper looks pretty good!

Tracy said...

First Love your layout. Everything about it is perfect!!
Funny about the fishes eyeballs. My oldest has done this with fish. I have a photo of her holding one....yup its in a layout now, lol.