Sunday, May 1, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 5 (round 4): Scraps & OLW Blog Hop

First, our stuff… As for scraps, even before our first round in the Organize your Stuff Challenge, we had our scraps in order. Mainly because Girl Friday… and sometimes the Illusive Middle Child… like to craft alongside Creative Me, there is really not the hoard of scraps that Inner Hoarder would otherwise collect. It is recycling at its finest! My kids know that if it is in this accordion folder it is fair game, and that seems to protect the rest of the stash.

This is a card we made using 100% scraps from our stash. It uses the same sketch as the Tuesday Trio card that Creative Me made for Tuesday. So if you want to know how Creative Me made the paper pieced the embossed paper background, there will be a tutorial on Tuesday as well!

Today is May 1st, and that means another chance to share our homework, and the work of others for the One Little Word class with Ali Edwards and then get on to our stuff!

Junior Residents of the Shoe
Our word for this year is Embrace! … and Embrace we have. This month, we have learned the following:

WMD sucking our thumb
…to let the Clutter Fairy do her thing…it makes her happy, that in most cases we can sleep through the WMD (side note: WMD turned 5 months old this past week, and the colic wail has gotten much better… except for when it’s not. She is definitely not shelf stable yet.) however that is not the case with the dog or the cat they wake us every time, that being the Lady of the Shoe means that you spend much less time on the computer- but that is not necessarily a bad thing, that finding scrap time is also harder because you can find 5 minutes to surf the net…but not an hour or more to do a layout, that no matter how many personalities you may claim to have on your blog, they cannot be in 3 places at once…therefore at least one of 3 children will be disappointed, that Fabulous Spouse will always be the favorite parent as he flits in and out of the shoe when he is not on travel, and that it is really nice to have family close by…even if close is the guest room.

The Family at Sky Resturaunt
(I'm far right)
This month we were asked to add a letter to ourselves to our OLW scrapbook. The theory is to go back a year from now and read it. PA Me put this off for as long as possible, one because we were busy, and two because we just did not know what to write. Then, feeling a bit nostalgic, and with the POW knowing that there was a blog deadline, we got down to it. The biggest thing that we realized while writing this is that all of the upheaval that we have endured and embraced will be coming again. A year from now, Awesome Auntie, the WMD, the toddler, and the menagerie will be heading home to wherever the Navy takes them. Meanwhile, Fabulous Spouse will be three months into a 400+ day deployment to Afghanistan (unless his orders change again), and we will have gone from three parents to one. That change will be harder to Embrace than this one… even if it means that we have lots of Me time and get to officially retire our Lady of the Shoe status.

Lisa Allen
Abbey R
Jill C.
Amanda K.    <---You are Here!
Cheri A.
Rebekah P.
Lynn W.
Monica B2
Jen S.
Monica B1
Julie Ann
Donna B
Karen D


jamie said...

sounds like you have some challenging changes ahead. how fitting your word is embrace.

Rebekah said...

You have chosen a wonderful word to help you through all of this year's changes. Hugs!

scrapbookertink said...

Loving your blog.

byondbzr said...

Great card!

Anonymous said...

Love your word and your card. So glad you're on the hop!

Karen (Mrs. Green Jeans) said...

You amaze me. I thought I had lots of change to deal with in my lifetime, but you take the cake. You've got a great attitude. I'm the MIL of three Marines (not active duty anymore) and have a fairly good understanding of what you are dealing with. God bless you and your extended family.

Cheri said...

sounds like all your selves are working together fairly well to keep it all under control! Good job!

MonicaB said...

Wonderful post and great card!

Anonymous said...

I always love your posts. Your word is perfect for the challenges and changes ahead.

Margie S said...

Thanks for checking in with us. I love hearing your updates. Looks lik you are doing fantastic with your word.

jillconyers said...

Beautiful card. We have the same OLW. I love seeing how different the perspectives of the same word can be.