Friday, June 3, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 10 (round 4):Alphabets part 1 & Blog Candy results

OK, for those of you who are just here for the freebies, we will not make you wait!

Shark Bait and Prize #1 (Friday, May 27th): #3 Sandi

Illusive Middle Child and Prize #2 (Saturday, May 28th): #41 SueB

Girl Friday and Prize #3 (Wedsday, June 1st): #12 Twiglet

Please contact me at for your goodies!

This week is alphabets.

Where do your alphabets live? Are they mostly on the Cricut? In your computer? Stamps? Or are they stickers? (or our personal favorite and minor addiction…Thickers?)

Here is a layout to wrap up Memorial Weekend/ Week (using both Thickers and the Cricut).

PA Me has allowed Inner Hoarder to pile on most of our Thickers (as we work for our local Scrapbook Store and Thickers are like Scrapbooker crack… well I guess that is better than Scrapbooker heroine. Silver lining? No? Well, we take what we can get!) since last round unsorted. Well, this gives OCD Me something to do this week as we are pretty sure that this lapse in organization is due to our current Status as Lady of the Shoe …or at least that is our story and we are sticking to it!

Hopefully this week will turn out fine, as Fabulous Spouse is MIA with a Reservist Drill Weekend, Oldest Child is away at Boy Scout Camporee, Awesome Auntie has a scrapbooking class… leaving us with both Shark Bait and the WMD, and Illusive Middle Child and Girl Friday both have birthday parties…and that is just the weekend’s event at the Shoe!


Anonymous said...

cool layout!

Tracy said...

Congrats to the winners.
Those kids are just to cute.
Nice layout.
My alpha's...well I hardly ever use them. But that may be because they are in a sticker binder that I hate to pull out ;)
Happy to see you visit my blog :)

Tammy said...

Fun layout! I have far more thickers than I'm sure I'll ever use....but that never stops me from buying more! I know the feeling. :)

Kathleen said...

What an awesome blog you have! I love all of the organizational posts! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us. It's so nice to meet another crafter from the PNW area! I'd like to give you an award for your blog, it's called the Versatile Blog Award. You can pick it up here: The instructions for the award are on that page as well. Enjoy!