Sunday, January 1, 2012

Organize your Stuff: Week 10(round 5): One Little Word

Wow. Can you believe that it is 2012 already?! Where has the time gone? Today is a blog hop with the participants in the One Little Word (OLW) class at Big Picture Classes. Thank you Ali for a fabulous journey!!! The 2012 class is gearing up right now, so you can hop along next month and share your January homework on the first of next month!

It seems like yesterday, that the year was just beginning, and we were quote hunting with Fabulous Spouse in a cyber-version of dueling banjos trying to find the perfect quote for our perfect word: EMBRACE.

This month, Ali asked us to reflect back on our word, to bring closure to our year. Here is ours.

EMBRACE has been a way of life this year. But part of EMBRACE-ing and loving is being able to let go. That has been the hardest part of this year. We are now half the size that we have been almost all year now. Awsome Auntie and her family have left after their nine month stay, and now Fabulous Spouse is gone too for a year in Afghanistan.

Yet we EMBRACE them in our heart, and hug the children left behind, hoping that they can embrace their new reality.

What is this?

It is the bottle of sparkling cider that Girl Friday was asked to put in the refrigerator. Where is it? Exploded all over the garage freezer. It is a war zone in there.  Ironically, our word for 2012 is… JOURNEY.
We guess that we just christened our voyage!
The next blogger on the list is Sam.  The rest of our bloggers who go live at 8AM PST are as follows:

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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

What a journey you are on, my friend. I will hold Fabulous Spouse in my heart, as well as those he is with, every day until he returns. Love your photos by the way. Good stuff.

JennL said...

a goos bottle of sparkling cider is a terrible thing to waste. ; ) i look forward to seeing where the journey takes you in 2012!

joscelyne cutchens said...

can I just say, I read your personality definitions and I think you are me. or I am you.
Thanks for stopping by my blog :) my word for the year is calm.

Anonymous said...

Hope your journey in 2012 is a smooth one. I look forward to seeing where it takes you.
Happy New Year.

MonicaB said...

Beautiful cover page for your 2012 word. Happy New Year!

jillconyers said...

It has been interesting comparing out Embrace journeys of 2011. It was a good choice for both of us.

Love your JOURNEY cover page!

Sherry C said...

Lovely post... embrace is the perfect word! Sorry about the explosion. :)

Cheri said...

what a fun take on an exploded bottle of cider! I hope your journey in 2012 is smooth sailing but full of adventure!

Tracy said...

Wow, you have been and are still going through a lot.
Had to laugh about the frozen exploded GF did that with a few pop cans, she thought someone was shooting a gun, lol.

Sue Althouse said...

Great word for 2012! Hope you can find much joy in your journey this year. Sorry about the sparkling cider, that is one of our very favorite beverages!

jamie said...

journey seems to be a fitting word for you and your family. especially in light of the fact that our husband is abroad in Afganistan. I wish for you a prosperous journey, and a safe return to your man.


jillian said...

hey. all your work looks beautiful! Journey..i'm interested to see how that goes for a year's word. my word for the year is "simplicity."

Anonymous said...

Love your 2012 word and page! Here's to a wonderful new year.

Rebekah said...

Looking forward to a new year and journey. Glad we are in this together as a group, very inspiring!