Saturday, December 31, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 9(round 5): Embellishments

The POW apologizes for being a day late with this post.  We woke this morning on Samoa and found that we missed Friday all together! LOL!  Actually, she finally found a few spare minutes in her hectic sans Fabulous Spouse life to get this up, and Blogger was down. Sad Face. :(

The POW also has a warning that this is another picture intensive post. …so, consider yourself warned.

Now that we are in Round 5, most of our embellishments have been corralled. Zen Master Wookiemouse did a fabulous job on her blog (here) of listing all the different ways and means of storing embellishments.

She stores hers by color, but Creatve Me still thinks in terms of brads, buttons or flowers. So, that is how we have organized. OCD is proud that once organized, we have kept the system up. However, it must be noted, that this did not all happen in one week… or even one round. PA Me has made sure of it. However, that may also be why we have been able to stick with it (unlike our annual New Year’s resolutions!)

Here is our eyelets and beads (organized in round 2).

Our brads (round 3)

Our buttons (round 4)

So, what is left? you ask. Flowers. Yes, they grow like faux dandelions in the garden of your embellishments. And yet, Inner Hoarder has such a hard time walking by and not picking them up! Even now that we have a flower making Cricut cartridge, they seem to just bloom upon our shelf! We are still contemplating how to store them in the end game. Any ideas?

As promised on Wednesday, here we are with our many military layouts (promise that these will be the last ones for a while) from Christmas Break.  Fabulous Spouse has sucessfully finished his training in California, and landed a short while ago in South Carolina to finish his stateside training.  We wish him luck!

Welcome to MNFI

The Palace where Fabulous Spouse worked

Embassy rooftop pictures

Charlie's Angels photo op

5K Fun Run... in the desert
Hope you have a Happy New Years Eve!

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okienurse said...

Awesome organization. I started storing my flowers and bits in jars by color. I got tired of the twenty million little jars so I just dumped them all in BIG jars. Works for me! Thanks for sharing the awesome LO! Vickie