Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Organize your Stuff (round 5):WOYWW 163

It has been another two week gap, but Happy WOYWW! It is another What’s on your Workdesk Wednesday, when we wander the world watching the wonders that others create, or peep at the places where they perform their craftiness. As always, the Fabulous Julia of the Stamping Ground is our hostess!

Summer is so busy! …and so is our desk!

We must confess that there is no new crafts though. Creative Me is getting ready to paint the kitchen and living room, and with The POW focused on football, PA Me has been runing the home show. So… it is just a desk shot today.

(**The POW warning: the rest is family stuff. Skip to the end if just here for the desk!**)

Now new pictures from The Front. Fabulous spouse is busy doing things of which he cannot speak, and actually preparing to come home in a few months! (As the POW often says, it is amazing how time flies while it is standing still!)

Illusive Middle Child and Girl Friday are still enjoying the sunshine of summer. Illusive Middle Child is wrapping up week four of sailing camp. He is enjoying the challenge of moving up to the bigger, two-man FJ’s that his big brother was sailing earlier in the summer.
Meanwhile, Girl Friday is at art camp. However, in their free time, there is still lots to explore in the Outer Banks, and here they are snorkeling…and discovering a hermit crab.

Oldest Child has started the all-consuming High School football season (#54 practice jersey). It is amazing to see how he is listening to the coaches and improving with each session. We are in the football camp phase right now, and he LOVES it!

However, as of Tuesday, he is also discovering that into every athlete’s life, a little pain must fall. He rolled his ankle, and the next couple days will see how good/ bad it is.

He also has some new Foreign Exchange brothers (well, for two weeks, at least). We were an emergency, last minute Host Family. We like them a lot, and it gives Oldest Child somebody other than his Xbox friends with which to hang out… when not at sports.

As for us, we made our annual pilgrimage to the Rails to Ales Festival in Cle Elum, WA. This year it was a Girls Only event (especially as Fabulous Spouse was half a world away). It was amazing to see old friends and faces (Fabulous Spouse- the guy from Sierra Nevada who stays at the B&B says hi!), and to make new memories as well!

Here is to hoping that we are more crafty next week!


Annie said...

That is what I call a busy desk :-)
Could you please send a little sunshine our way?
A x #76

Victoria said...

This is the first time I've visited your desk and I love all that busyness on the back wall. So many lovely stamps and whatnot! Happy WOYWW! Victoria #87

Twiglet said...

Good luck with the painting and decorating! x Jo

Mary Pat Siehl said...

what great photos!

sandee said...

Looks like everyone is having a grand summer, and how exciting for dad to be returning soon!! yay!! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :) #50

Eliza said...

Sounds like you and your alters are doing it all yourself. LOL Very busy desk that needs a small spot in the centre making, you can push, shovel slowly or even faster if you want (be careful the faster action might have things fall on floor)make some space, sit down with drink and craft things and play, mandatory you must create something. This action is also good for the soul. LOL

Everyone seems to be having a fun summer, thanks for sharing.

Eliza #11

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I always like to see what your family is up to besides the desk snoop. I laughed at the Fabulous Spouse is doing things of which he cannot speak bit. Just so you know, my Fabulous Spouse is doing things of which we could speak about but why bore ourselves?!

The desk looks like it has become a crafting catch-all. I'm sure much won't change until some of the other projects get off your plate.

Shoshi said...

Great desk, nice and busy! and nice family snaps too.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #3