Saturday, September 1, 2012

Organize your Stuff (round 5): One Little Word Hop

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Well, it is the first of the month again! We cannot believe that the summer months have flown by us, and August 1012 is officially retired! As it is September 1st, it is time for our One Little Word Blog Hop where we Share our Word for the Year (ours is Journey) and the homework from the past month given to us by Ali Edwards at Big Picture Classes. As always, Thank You Margie at Nihao, Cupcake! for hostessing!

August’s prompt for the month was a picture of ourselves…here is ours:

The POW and Creative Me concur that this pretty much sums up our August. Our Journey these days is back and forth around town in our little Ford Focus. It is funny, we are putting 300+ miles a week on the car, and yet we never seem to get out of town.

We told someone that we never have time to sit down, but the reality of it is that we kind of always are…the seat just keeps Moving!

The POW has been in charge of the house as OCD Me has been drafted to help keep schedules strait, coordinated, and also keeps track of our friends, favors we have left, and ones that we need to burn in order to make sure that everyone gets where they need to go, and nobody is left behind. It is staggering the mental gymnastics that occur.

This was a sample of our afternoons from last week:


12PM Oldest Child Physical Therapy (broke ankle back in football camp in July), 1PM Lunch, 2:30 Drop off at Freshman Football, Grocery shop, 4PM start Dinner, 4:30 Dinner, Wonder where Illusive Middle Child is (went camping out of state for 4 days, but is supposed to be home for football practice), realize Illusive Middle Child will not make it, 5:15 go with Girl Friday and Dinner in Tupperware and Trombone to give to Oldest Child back to high school, 5:45 Oldest Child finally done, takes food and instrument to change and get ready for 6:30-8:30 mandatory high school band practice, 6:10 arrive at 6-8pm Cheer Practice and drop off Girl Friday, 6:35 return to High School for Mandatory please join the Band Boosters meeting and band highlights for upcoming year, 7:15 get phone call that Illusive Middle Child has returned…and ask family to hold on to him until 9ish as we are in a meeting, 7:30 excuse ourselves from parent meeting, 7:45 back to Football/ Cheer practice… where they are assigning uniform numbers and Illusive Middle Child is missing (Thank you Team Mom for getting him a number close to the one he wanted as there was no 77 jersey this year), ask Team Mom to take Illusive Child to practice tomorrow, go to Cheer field and retrieve Girl Friday, 8:15 pull out of the parking lot to arrive at 8:30 at Band Practice for Oldest Child. 8:40 Drop Oldest Child and Girl Friday home for showers and leave to retrieve Illusive Middle Child (and camping gear) from friend’s house… and this was the EASIEST day of the week!

PS-at this point, school had not started yet. That did not get added to the agenda until Thursday.

This month has been a Journey in the truest most literal sense of the word. It only takes me 20 minutes from home, but it is definitely not dull or slow paced by any means!

Here is the rest of the OLW Hop Group…you can see their photos and their words as well…
Enjoy your Journey!

You are at the last stop... from here out, you return to Margie to start over!

Jessica B


Missus Wookie said...

Phew! Your schedules are sounding so hectic, extreme-carpooling.

Glad you managed to get a shot of you - and driving makes sense :) hope you get to sit in a seat that isn't moving soon.

Didn't manage to join the hop this month, but did post my photo.

Jessica B said...

What a crazy schedule! Thanks for sharing your OLW pic.

Donna said...

Cute picture. It's your view. I hope you get to sit in a seat that doesn't move soon.
I missed the hop, but posted anyway.

Kimberlee Gerstmann said...

Wow. I can't even imagine. What a schedule. I'm surprised you even had time to snap a photo. :D

Fun post though. :)

Kara Monroe said...

What a crazy schedule. I love how you said that "the seat just keeps moving..." how true!

Cheri said...

Hopefully with the return of routine you'll find some time soon to sit in a chair that stays put! :)