Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Organize your Stuff (round 5): WOYWW #170

Wow! Wednesday! Where have you been? Or rather, where have we been? Summer is whirlwindy (OCD Me notes: not a real word) in the best of times, this year it was a positively “Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore”, Category IV twister! So, sans four Wednesdays or so, we are back with the always Awesome Julia and the What’s on your Workdesk Wednesday folks over at the Stamping Ground (albeit a late post! LOL!)

Here is our horribly messy desk:

And here is the card that Creative Me whipped out for Big Picture Class’s free Big Idea Festival’s prompt #1: A Card.

As a side note, OCD Me has taken the keys to the house back from the POW, and next week will start Round 6 of Organize your Stuff! It will be the good, the bad, and the UGLY! (Yes, the POW was able to talk the TLC crew out of filming the scrap room for their next season of Hoarders… for now…).

(***POW Warning: the rest of this is Family Stuff. Skip to the end, if just here for the desk!***)

Things are finally winding down for Fabulous Spouse on the Front. Here he is after receiving his “End of Tour Awards” (The medals for not getting blowed up, and doing a good job 18 hours a day working for the Cause). He is farthest to the left. So, within the next four weeks or so, he should be coming home… hence OCD Me taking a renewed interest in the house.

As for the rest of the tribe, football and cheerleading has been our life. Here is Girl Friday at practice in the red shorts.

Illusive Middle Child is doing double duty as a Junior League football player, and a Freshman Football Team ball boy. This picture was after the first game…which they lost 12-14. Oldest Child is obviously upset. He did not suit up, as he is not eligible until next week for play due to breaking his ankle at summer football camp.

Finally, here is the token back to school shots. Oldest child was first (predawn, 6:35 school start time).

Then the little guys were off… (*sigh*… first time that Girl Friday did not want to wear a dress for the first day…rhinestone jeans are in now!)

Happy WOYWW!


Emily said...

I love that you have given your personalities names and the inner crazy person in me feel that i should probably do the same lol.
I have mostly the same but my inner hoarder is limited only to craft supplies as my OCD me needs to clear out every few weeks and re-arrange furniture at the same time.

Hope to see lots more from your 'creative me'


CraftygasheadZo said...

Great post, always love seeing your pics. Bet you can't wait for hubby to come home. Take care Zo xx 98

Mary Pat Siehl said...

love all the photos!! and super cute card

Annie said...

What a busy life your have! Fab snaps of the family as always. Bet you're really looking forward to having your man back :-)
A x #85

Danielle said...

Your desk is not horribly messy, it is creatively messy. There is a difference. I love the card you made for BPS. I need to work on mine today before I fall way too behind. dani 137