Monday, April 26, 2010

Organize your Stuff: Week 17 Punches

Punches! Woo Hoo! Another Easy week! (Sorry, my internal monologue was damaged in the unfreezing process…) My Inner Hoarder is sticking her tongue out right now as punches are currently the IT thing in scrapbooking classes. The POW is just happy that OCD Me took initiative in December, and re-organized. Again it is that everything old is new again…but with a twist!

Here is my layout for this week…

Question of the Week: Are punches Old school? Nahh! A Cricut can do a lot… and a Cricut with after market software can do even more, but seriously, am I going to let that technology loose with Girl Friday?! …and then there is the portability issue… I find it easier to grab my Iris cases of punches for a crop or class than to haul out my Cricut Expression, cartridges, cords, extension cords, and fit it into my 3 feet of crop space with everything else… OCD Me has the punches sorted into three 12x12 Iris cases: punches, corners, and borders.


I store these cases on the “printer” shelf of the hutch (which was part of Fabulous Spouse’s office at the last house… I guess I did a hostile takeover of that too…).

Here is some of the detail work possible with punches. Like a wedding, it is a combination of something old, and something new, with the new border punches… I triple layered three Martha Stewart border punches, with each strip ¼ inch shorter than the one behind it.

And the old Fiskars border punch-Leave it to Weaver with some .99 ribbon from Michaels (which I got for .25 in November)…

Next week is tools, and PA me is already cutting therapy to work with the Inner Hoarder on a strategy for that one!


Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

gorgeous LO! and well done on the wonderful organising! looks so tidy! hugs mandyxx

Tracy said...

Cute layout.
I love my punches. I have mine on a towel rod on the wall. Easy access and I can see them. I need to see what I have LOL.

Tracy said...

I post after midnight many, many times. I just change the date before I post it. Go to Post Options on the bottom befor you post and change the date and time. SHHHHHHHHHHH.
My goal was to post every day, I am just tweeking it.LOL

ScrappnBee said...

I think that I just need blogging for dummies! Ha! :)