Friday, December 31, 2010

Organize your Stuff: Week 17 (round 3): Punches Part 2

OK, Readers! It is time to party like it is 1999! …or not. I had a 1 year old in 1999… not nearly as much fun as today! Maybe we should party like it is 2010! At any rate, it is time to make those New Year’s resolutions, …if possible, complete those ones from 2010 …or just let them go…

As a bit of fun, Marit of Marit’s Paper World in the Netherlands has been hosting Blog hop 2000. This takes the top 2000 songs of 2010 from Netherland’s Radio 2 and has them put to paper art. Kind of neat, eh? This is the page that follows my “I’m Dreaming of a White…” Snow page during Week 15.

It represents Queen’s “The Show Must Go On” as we almost had no turkey or egg nog or pumpkin pie due to the snow and horrible road conditions. That morning, however, we did make it to the stores (but did not tell the kids) and got a proper Thanksgiving (a la Safeway Thanksgiving Feast) done for dinner.

Creative Me has been pushed to the back lately, as the POW and OCD Me tried to make the Perfect Christmas… maybe next year. Let loose again, Creative Me did not fail. Since this week was punches, Creative Me used photo corner punches on the left page, and Fiskars threading water on the journaling tag.
This is pretty neat actually.

You start with a strip of punched threading water.

Score at the indents.

Cut along score marks (if thick paper and this was).

Stagger pieces… with a space slightly smaller than the pieces… (blogspot has decided that this picture needs to be rotated and I cannot fix.  Sorry!)

Place remaining pieces. Voila! Pleat on a curved surface!

Punches that everyone should own:
At least 1 corner rounder, a circle punch (at least ½ inch), a scalloped punch. (Level 2:Threading punch like Fiskar’s Leave it to Weaver). However, like everything else in scrapbooking, the more that you use your punches, the more you will seem to need, and remarkably, they will breed like rabbits (or Gremlins with a cookie after midnight) when you are not looking.

As for Punch storage, there are many cool ways to do it. I have seen every manner of Ikea gadget (where were we before Ikea?) to shoe racks on doors (another cool idea). However, my room only has 2 walls and no doors, so neither of these storage solutions worked for me. However, if you were blessed with 4 walls (darned you open floor plan!!!) and a door, Zen Master Wookiemouse did a fabulous job of gathering all sorts of links with different ideas, if you need them, here.

OCD Me did the punch organizing last round. Since Creative Me LOVES to go to crops, OCD Me had to find a solution that worked. For now, I have three (3) Iris 12x12 clamshells that hold my punches. The first has shapes, the second has border punches, and the third has corner punches.
They store in my hutch on a roll out shelf that was originally meant for a printer. Great Easy Access! So, as a New Year’s challenge, break out that dusty punch in your drawer, and like the Velveteen Rabbit, remember why you loved it and play!

Next week, Miscellaneous Tools. (Remember that eyelette setter and some of those other tools you may not have used in a while?) Uggh! We will get through this together!


Mary Pat Siehl said...

oh wow thanks for the tutorial on how to have scalloped on a curve! love it!!!!

Jessica said...

Go creative you!! Love the layout, and the punch tutorial is a great idea. Thanks so much! Happy New Year. :D

Tracy said...

Nice layouts. Love your curved scallop tutorial.

Becky said...

What a cool technique! Punches are such an awkward thing to store, Mine are just thrown into a box at the moment!

Lisa said...

Love this technique. Thanks for sharing.