Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Organize your Stuff: Week 14 (round 3): Crops

Ok, OK. The POW is aware that we are behind, and PA Me has been ordered back to therapy, or at least to TRY to allow us to keep up during the holiday season! …I apologize in advance. We are up to our eyeballs in December commitments, and sinking fast! So, until January, you may just get this Tuesday posting, but I will try to sneak in a Friday or Saturday post when I can.

Here is my Design Team card for Tuesday Trio Sketch #44- circle challenge. Creative Me finally tried out punching out the same color punch-out as base page, and loved the result on this card. I think that it is definitely something that Creative Me will have to keep in the mental rolodex for future layouts and cards!
Also, the POW promised to share some blogs to pass on the Stylish Blogger Award from last week to some people who have not received it yet (and so many of my favorites already have!!!). Here are some, because *gasp* we have only been on the computer like 30 minutes all week! (Sorry!) These four are great, and PA Me has volunteered to keep searching… but that means that nothing else would get done! Congratulations on being a Stylish Blogger…at least in my mind!
Just link back here when you accept your award.
Tell your bloggers 8 things about yourself.
Send this to up to 8 Stylish Bloggers you know!

http://craftystorage.blogspot.com/ -because I envy every one of those scrap rooms, and it gives me some great inspiration! I spent HOURS here the first time I visited (PS- Tracy-saw your room on Nov 29th entry! Congrats!!!)

http://orlishamir.blogspot.com/ -This is Orli’s blog from my Tuesday Trio Design Team. She always does fabulous work, and I considered here stylish before she made the team…plus it was her birthday this week!

http://justanotherdayherein.blogspot.com/ -Debby really inspired me when she entered a card contest at Tuesday Trio, and she definitely has scrapping style! Debby you rock!

http://kawaiisb.dropper.hacca.jp/ Aci does some really neat and different stuff! I found her on 2 peas, and always enjoy peeking at her site! I love the way you think outside the box and get creative!

So, crops. Every crop starts with PA Me in charge. I do not think that the POW has ever negotiated a pack out more than 48 hours in advance (and that would only be the order photos part, and sometimes that is only an hour or two prior to the crop! I love you Costco!!). Mostly I think that is because I am a mom and too busy … and I am a mom, and packed boxes in the hallway means the Scrap Fairy has left presents for Girl Friday… and they will never make it to the crop.

So, at least 2 hours prior to crop time… The POW finally gets Creative Me and OCD Me together to pack. It goes amazingly well, as I crop like once a month since 2005, so my once written out OCD Me lists are now mostly memorized. My key tools are as follows:

Crop Bags (I actually have 3 plus one mini for my ink tower).  These are important here, as we have a rainy season from  November to July!

a wooden rack that I got at Fred Meyers (a Krogers store) from the kitchen/ bath/ storage section.  This way you can overpack, and fit it on your table!

mini folding table-when I think I can get away with it, or know that the table space will be really small.  Currently a works in progress catch-all!

Tool bag (I need to upgrade to a larger model…hint, hint Santa-they have them at Wal Mart).  I use it at home and away, and it carries all the essentials from Crop-o-dile to exacto blade to staples.

CTMH reversible mat (self healing/ stamping)- I forgot this once, and it was horrible!

Scrap folder (with my scraps) to add that extra bit of color or whatever...

The rest depends on the project, and the time of the crop- 3 days or 3 hours or somewhere in between.  Those things get stuffed into those crop bags and I am on the road. Since I have all of my cardstock in Cropper hoppers, if it is a BIG crop, I can just pack them up in a cardboard box from Costco, and they come with-easy peasy!


Becky said...

Holy Schmoly! You take your own side table? You don't mess around do you? Lol! Loved seeing how you pack for a crop! I love the hustle and bustle that December brings but will be glad when it's over...

Anonymous said...

I didn't understand this statement: Creative Me finally tried out punching out the same color punch-out as base page, and loved the result on this card.

what exactly is that technique?

ScrappnBee said...

I used sky colored paper for the base of my card. Then, I used sky colored paper to punch circles and threading water (bumps with holes) punch. All of these are layered under the fish. It kind of looks like embossing, but was done with punches. Does that help?

Aki said...

I love your card :) Using the same color punchies is very nice idea.
And thank you for giving me the award!

Jingle said...

Very cute card!

Tracy said...

Your card is so cute.
Glad you liked my scraproom. I wasn't sure I was in the same league as the other women.
Holy Toledo Batman, You are a pro crop packer.

Orli said...

WOW, thank you!!!
It is a great honor!
your blog as well is great!
keep in touch

Steph said...

Adorable card. Love the fun sentiment.

Mary Pat Siehl said...

great card! have fun at your crop!

polkacabana said...

Such a nice card. Those fishies are soooo cute! You are so organized also! Will you come organize my stuff??

Keshet said...

Love the little peek into your space!


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