Sunday, April 10, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 2 (round 4): Brainstorming Part 2

Here is the layout that Creative Me made this week while The POW has been wrangling Spring Break children.

Yes, if you look closely, Creative me is trying to play nice with the sewing machine again. The sewing machine, however, is being a mean tease, and again we had tension issues, and the bobbing thread did not catch the top thread for part of the inner stitch on the lower left.  Creative Me knows that if OCD Me had kept it to herself, you never would have noticed, but OCD Me thinks especially not nice thoughts about the sewing machine and really wants to donate it to Goodwill or bored sreet kids with access to tools and no fear of destroying things.

It has been one of those weeks. Spring Break in the rain of the Pacific Northwest. To make it even better...or is it worse, we have been black listed by Mary Poppins and the Nanny, and Oldest Child is on no electronic privileges and had therefore decided to try and channel the dog whisperer with the poor over stimulated dog. The Illusive Middle child has decided that personal space is optional (and by optional, we mean that it no longer exhists), and is practicing to be a sportscaster by giving Awesome Auntie a play by play of where any given pet or person is at any given time…totally unsolicited. Girl Friday has vacillated between junior mother and Velcro needy child…depending on the hour.

As for the rest of the shoe, Fabulous Spouse is still in Hawaii on military orders. He flew there first class. Yes, it is Spring Break, and he is in Hawaii and we are here in the rain. We were definitely a bad grasshopper in our last life! Fabulous Spouse’s brother is leaving today to start his IA for Iraq. We are hoping to not have to seek help for Awesome Auntie’s emotional health, but that is why we are here.  Us and chocolate.

We will see how the little ones take it. The POW is taking bets that the WMD (Wailing Mama’s Daughter)…thought you’d like that Awesome Auntie… will see no change. The toddler (we have toyed with SoB… Son of Brother, but it doesn’t suit his disposition) aka the Air raid siren emitter (ok Arse isn’t any better…we will keep working at it) may have a rougher time of it. Lucky for him, Illusive Middle Child will keep us informed, and Girl Friday will adopt him and hug him and squeeze him to itty bitty pieces.

Finally, the before picture.

Considering what my kids rooms look like right now, this looks positively clean!
Here is where we started:

See you Tuesday!  Are you ready to actually start putting things away?


Queen T said...

Great layout - my sewing machine and I have a love/hate thing going on - so I can relate :)

Tracy said...

Your layout is gorgeous, love the soft colours.
LOL at your discription of the kids. Just wait they will be teen soon and you will want the play by play on keep that one around teehee.
Your room is huge...drooling here.

Sharla said...

Love your layout! I have a sewing machine, um..but have never used sad is that, sad I tell ya! I hope your hubby is enjoying Hawaii, mine drove up to snow and freezing temps. This is my first experience with AT, and I think my last,he retires in Oct. My thoughts for a safe return for your BIL

Staci said...

Great LO! Love that you are sewing! I am terrible at sewing on LOS!

Pam said...

Great layout! You post cracked me up! :-) I tried sewing on a card and gave up. :-P Maybe I need to try and make peace with my sewing machine and maybe it will cooperate.