Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 4 (round 4): Paper Part 1

Yes, we took the week off. PA Me had us spending quality time sitting on the couch with Fabulous Spouse, who was home for a change, letting the animals and children run amok without a care and doing all sorts of Easter Stuff… So belatedly… Happy Passover to those who celebrate, and Happy Easter to those who celebrate that too!

Here is our card for Tuesday Trio’s Sketch 64.

Creative Me rotated it so that the diagonal ran left down to right, and then finally got to break out the Alice in Wonderland stamps that the Inner Hoarder got when we went to Portland in March. The coolest thing for me personally about this card was that I was able to custom color clear rhinestones to match using my Copics! Since Copics are alcohol based inks, they stick to the glass/plastic. Cool, huh?

As for papers, we have come a long way since round 2! The big thing now, is that Creative Me and OCD Me have begun to see eye to eye in the paper department. We have found ourselves separating all of our major scrapping holidays, reoccurring sports, and clubs from the rest of the patterned papers. The big thing that the POW has to remind us, is to not break it down too much, or we will not be able to find anything… again!

Another lesson learned this week, do not try out the free internet games that your kids are playing so that you can relate to them. If you do, PA Me will take over your lives, and you will be sucked into a black hole of nothingness… BTW-it is called Minecraft, and the graphics belong on an Atari, but it will still mesmerize you. Keep Away!


Mary Pat Siehl said...

great card!

my little one loves legos and they have a great website. he is into pharoah's quest and they have a video game with it on their website. i am now totally addicted-it is crazy to i know what you mean!hehehehe

Sharla said...

Love the card! I love that you can color the gems with copics too, I'll have to remember that!

I don't have to go near my daughters online games...I have my own time suckers in bejeweled and zuma blitz.....I could probably get some serious scrappin time in if I would ground myself from games! ;)

Pam W. said...

Great card! I going to try and scraplift it this week. Thanks.

Just Jaime said...

Haha that is a cute image. Gave me a smile =)

Alyssa said...

Love that card--it's cute.

Wow, your paper looks so organized!

Jingle said...

Very fun card!

Becky said...

Love the image on the card AND the matching rhinestones! The paper looks fab!

Those dang games, I go in cycles with them. Right now I'm off the cycle and getting lots of paper crafting done :)

Tracy said...

I love your card. Love Alice in Wonderland.
Enjoyed how you used the sketch.
Your papers look so nice all organized, sigh.
I will NOT check this game out. YouTube and blogs take up most of my time, I can't afford to get addicted to something else :)

Tammy said...

Love the rosettes on your card! Hope you had a great week off. I so hear you on the computer games....I've been so good lately, not playing anything. It really can suck you in and take away hours from your life. I don't have time for it right now! :)

Steph said...

Great card. Love your take on the sketch. I haven't tried any computer games too afraid that I will get addicted.

Minecraft for free said...

I love to play games, but as mentioned they are very time consuming, but life is about having fun, and what more fun could be had than game playing :) as long as you have your priorities right, it is good. Thanks