Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Organize your Stuff Challenge: Week 11 Stickers and Rub On's

Well, this week was stickers and rub on's.  As I have alluded to in the past, and will become embarrassingly evident when we hit stamps week, I am a stamp girl, and have been since the late '90's (yes, I am that old/young).  I do have a few though...  Okay, maybe a few more than that.  Girl Friday was more than willing to help me purge though.  Inner Hoarder went back to her corner to rock this week, because there is nothing more devistating to her than letting go of a sheet of Sandylion or Mrs Grossmans from 1999, that she knows that she will need tomorrow...or someday... and Girl Friday has used them ALL in less than 4.2 seconds on one piece of paper, that she then cut up, glued on top of itself, then (as a well trained Pacific Northwesterner) put in the recycle-ables before I could even take a pic!

I was inspired, however, to use my Star Wars rub ons to do this Star Wars in Concert Layout...and yes, I did actually use 12 separate pictures for the left page! BTW-trying to figure out what picture to cut from the layout was part of my delay posting this week.  Finally, I decided to use them all!

Question of the week from Crisann the Fabulous, is this: Are you enjoying the process of the Organization Challenge.  Honestly...yes.  The griping that goes on is part of the catharsis, and the fact that it is really just easier to complain and lament work, than to say "yeah, sure that was totally easy".  We all know that person and subconsiously hate her.  I have accomplished more in this 11 weeks than I ever though that I could.  Fabulous Spouse is actually impressed, and more involved than I thought he would be.  Girl Friday is excited and as inspired as a 5 yr old can be, and I really feel like I am claiming a useful space.  (I may even graduate from Procrastinators Annon...never mind.  It will never happen.)

This is my before pic for the stickers.  My main goal was to reduce my stickers so that they all fit into this one Iris case, and to do it quickly before the Inner Hoarder went into a full on massive corinary due to Fraud, Waiste, and Abuse by Girl Friday (who felt that she had won the 5yr old and under Little Girl Lottery).

The rub-ons I kept, even though most of them were crop freebies (to keep Inner Hoarder happy).  The rest went smoothly.  PA Me got OCD Me briefly distracted with the lure of a Crop in Style Sticker Binder, but in the end, just decided to stick with my bin for now (Maybe for 2011? quiet OCD Me!).

So, with Girl Friday in th Crafter's version of a sugar coma, I had my stickers and rub ons contained, and another week behind me, and another relatively easy week ahead. (Thank goodness, as Little League Season has started!!!)

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Passing Fancies said...

Love your Star Wars LO. Great job with the purging and using your original containers.