Monday, March 1, 2010

Organize your Stuff Challenge: Week 8 Projects, Unfinished Pages, Kits

This week, I am still playing catch-up to those on the web site.  While many of them are on Week 9, I have been tackling Week 8: Projects, Unfinished Pages, and Kits.  All those weeks ago, when I was sent to my room to perpare for a clean slate, I kept looking at this massive pile that was getting bigger and bigger...and after its third move to the corner... even bigger still, and thought this is going to be my hardest week.

But you know, it was not so bad.  OCD Me and the Inner Hoarder have been in therapy together with the POW (after she escaped from last week).  So, as a reward for decidin that I was just going to do it this week, I took off and went to a crop.  OK, so PA me missed her sessions.  She meant to go, really, it just never happened.  Besides this had been scheduled for months.  So, I took Friday off of work.  Girl Friday helped me pack up the van... and unpack at the church mulit purpouse room.  She was not happy that she could not stay with the 49 other crafters, but I told her that if you were not old enough to drive a car, then you could not stay.... So, she offered to show me that she could drive my car.  Instead, I offered to take her to Costco for samples (and to pick up my pictures). is that whole shiny object thing.  It runs in families.

I got home at midnight Friday and Saturday, with 50 8x8 layouts complete for my annual Mother's Day albums that I send out... this year they WILL be out before August. ...unike the last wo years! Sunday, we watched the US lose at hockey in overtime to Canada in the Olympics, and then went to work.  Here is my layout.

Fabulous Spouse then brought down the piles of ...well mostly kits... and I sorted everything...all over the floor...One of the biggest things that I had to sort was one year gift membership to Club Scrap. I don't think that I ever used any of it. It took 2 big Cropper Hoppers and 2 smaller sleves to get it manageable...and I still cannot find December. Oh well.  Then we watched the Olympic closing ceremonies, and went to bed. 

OCD Me was in a very happy place the next day, as she got to use the P-touch label maker a lot.  A lot of the papers got re-appropriated to general paper and the embellishments set asside as the POW convinved the Inner Hoarder Me that it was OK as these were things I had gotten free or as prizes from crops, and if it stayed on its own, I'd never use it.  The Basic Grey Kits ended up in the the Basic Grey file, Wild Asparagus with My Mind's Eye, and a few others were left as kits, even though it was really just paper lines with their stickers.  I had my brother's wedding scrapbook from 2004 (I think at this point it will be a great 10 year anniversary gift), and 7 other projects.  It really came together very well. 

The after is here, and about half of the size of the original, and the only thing that went in the recyleables was the seven 12x12 cardboard shipping boxes that were eating up some of the space. to tackle embellishments...

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Tracy said...

Looks like you are really working on organizing.
I have done (well partly done) the Wookiemouse challenge. I am stuck on stamps. I want to make a stamp area and can't figure out storage.
Good luck with yours.