Monday, March 22, 2010

Organize your Stuff Challenge: Week 12 Ribbons & Fibers

First, I would like to tackle the Question of the Week for this week by our moderator, Crisann the Fabulous: Remember during the first three weeks of this challenge when we worked through the space audit/brainstorming/clean slate challenges? Is your studio transforming into what you envisioned or have you changed directions along the way?

Realistically, the answer is a definite maybe. I am almost halfway through my hostile takeover of the Dining Room, and the mess that I cleaned up at the end of week 3 is back, and I am fighting insurgents planted by both Fabulous Spouse (piles of mail and memorabilia) and Girl Friday (a 5 yr olds crafting mess runneth over and over and over). As I reintroduce items to my scrapbook room, I realize that in my mind (like many scrapbookers…I think) I have much more storage available than in reality. According to my Inner Hoarder, I do not have an excessive amount of anything (except stamps, but we will deal with that next week). However, I am still completing at least one layout a week, and usually incorporating something from whatever week it is, and I do not feel out of the loop while doing it. Here is this week’s layout, using DMC floss to “connect-the-dots.”

As for this week, for many people, it can be daunting. Ribbons, threads, and fibers…when left to their own devices… can overwhelm a scrap space and become a snarled mess to rival any jewelry drawer. Some, left unchecked, can multiply in the dark (I have seen it happen). Fortunately, or un, while I have a healthy amount of fibers and ribbons in my scrapbooking, I have yet to succumb to a full grown fiber fetish (partially because I think that Fabulous Spouse hides in a corner going “this is not the ribbon you are looking for…move along” in his best Jedi voice).
Those ribbons, fibers and threads that I do have, OCD Me has corralled for the most part (well more than half, at any rate). However, as OCD me always tries to tell PA me, there is always room for improvement. …and lets face it, there are some ribbons, etc that have escaped their tackle box prison, and others that are still at large, having never been captured, tamed, and kenneled with its kin. This is my before ribbons… Like OCD Me said, not bad- but could be better.

So, I sat down with my unruly ribbons and got to work. At some point, Girl Friday got a hold of my camera and here is an unflattering picture of me (post bathroom cleaning and mid ribbon wrangling). It was a few hours worth of work, especially when OCD Me got the idea mid-organization to sort by color rather than thread/fiber type. I also had gotten a $1.50 Clearance jar, and this was to be the home for those ribbons who were still on spools and needed a home. Eventually, I may put together some sort of dowel system, but between swim lessons, little league, boy & cub scouts, and church functions… reality and PA Me have to put their feet down. So, for now, here is my after, not perfect, but getting better.

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