Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Scrap your Stuff Challenge: Week 13 Stamps

For me, this is it. The infamous Week 13- Stamps. Thirteen is such a confidence inspiring number… Apollo 13… Friday the 13th …but… (let’s put PA Me back in the box for a minute). The question of the week was, how many individual stamps do you have? Seriously?! As I have alluded to in the past, if there is any one thing that is my downfall in scrapbooking , it is stamps. Crisann the Fabulous- can you say Triskaidekaphobia? Don’t you realize that it is never a good thing to make an addict, with no real desire to change, confront their addiction? Or roll around in it like Scrooge MacDuck in his money vault, reveling in the largess?

This was a throwdown that both PA Me and OCD Me could really get into. As you will see in the photos later, I am not totally unorganized, so counting wasn’t hard. It was just time consuming. I actually broke out the excel spreadsheet to do the math…and me and my laptop began to count… one box at a time. One block stamp…ah ha ha…two block stamp… ah ha ha… (In hind sight, I’d rather be cookie monster).

Cookie monster in mind, and with the prodding of a very nervous Inner Hoarder, it was eventually dinner time on Monday, and I had to stop, or I would never get done. Those uncounted stamps, which I have declared my absentee ballots… are waiting in reserve in 2 little baskets, in case someone comes to challenge my total…4,881 individual stamps. If needs be, I have my hanging chads in reserve, but I am fairly confident that I am a full fledged cirosis of the wallet, hard core, stamp addict.

Here is my layout…

My boxes aren’t any more organized (sorry, Zen Master Wookiemouse), and I did order more stamps today (sorry Fabulous Spouse)… but I at least have a starting place (thank you artist-ju for the stamped idea album idea).


Jen said...

Your welcome, and to make you feel better I bought more stamps yesterday and two days before that, after I had counted my stamps, I really want 10,000 stamps. So here's to all stamp addicts who really do not want to change. Yayyyy!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness! I am so glad to not be alone. We can go to Stamp Addicts meetings together and oohh and ahhh over our hoards! (and maybe stamp a little too!!)-Scrappnbee