Monday, May 31, 2010

Organize your Stuff: Week 21-Pens

To all of my blog readers, I am again sorry for going missing in action this week. It is the end of the school year and PA me has taken over as the POW is held captive to all of the end of year activities, and has been unble to escape.

Just this week we had Little League (twice), Boy Scouts (twice), Cub Scouts bridging, Spring Band Concert…oh, and a birthday and anniversary. Yes, I am making excuses. Yes, I got up every morning, looked at my little shoebox of pens and pencils and markers. Yes, I continued downstairs without touching them to go receive intravenous caffeine from my coffee pot, and then went off to work without a backwards glance. I did not log on to 2 peas in a bucket, because then I’d have to fess up that I was behind. My pictures sat too. I did not finish, I am sad to say, until this morning. Here it is though:

The inspiration is from Audrey Neal’s be AUDacious: The Open Book: Challenge 2, Beside a Burning Sea.  It actually looks like a good book, but right now I haven't had the time to read...only us the cover for inspiration for our camping trip....but here is the link for those who need a summer book club... they are doing a book club for scrapbookers.  I started with book 2, as I am like 900th on the list at the library for book 1(it is probably on he Opah book club list or something) and there was no wait for book 2.

The flowers are all 5/8 inch circle punches that have been folded…kind of cool. Maybe?

So pens are downstairs… still in their sterlite shoebox. LO…for last week that I am blogging now, is done, and there are still 2 ½ weeks of school until summer. Oh, and I signed up for 52 Card Pick Up (because I am totally crazy...I blame you Fabulous Crisann...not really) from big picture scrapbooking and will be working on that now too… I am already behind—Thank you PA Me!

Well off to do my other scrapbooking homework!

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