Thursday, September 16, 2010

Organize your Stuff intermission: Back from Summer break...

I am back from the summer…

Has it really been three months since I last stepped into my scrapbook room!

The POW and myself are sorry to have left you behind. OCD Me really wanted to keep you in the loop on what I was…or was not accomplishing over the summer, but the Inner Hoarder kept telling the POW that if I let you know that we were travelling out of state, that we would come home to an empty, ransacked house. I know… I know… the probability that my fellow declutterers would be spurred to a life of crime was non existant… but it was that whole “stranger danger” thing… and well, sometimes cowardice is the better part of valor. I don’t think that she really trusts the whole share your life with the world thing completely.

So, the POW and OCD Me, who were really more distracted about packing the kids up for a summer at the beach (because the illusive middle child was convinced he was going to live in a swimsuit and did not need to pack underwear, and Girl Friday wanted to pack everything) gave in to the Inner Hoarder and PA Me, who was skipping therapy for the summer. After vacation, came cleaning, then painting, then…back to school.

So, now it is fall, and the POW is shocked at how far behind my scrapbook room has slid. Aparently, while she and OCD me were coordinating summer schedules and turning the boys’ bedroom into a pirate ship, the Inner Hoarder had collected A LOT… and deposited it into my new scrapbook room (convieniently located between the front door and the rest of the house). Therefore, I am ging myself this week to get back to where I was, and then I am going to get back to this project. The POW is not going to let PA Me not finish another project.

So, I am back! And to help get the creative juices flowing, I found a Design Team challege on which to work. Here is my card from Tuesday Trio, a neat blog from Israel ( )

I am really comfortable with scrapbook pages, but I wanted to do something a little smaller.  This celebrates the Jewish New Year, and the apples and honey that are traditional foods to represent the sweet new year-thus the apple tree!  It is all hand stamped.


Passing Fancies said...

Well come back! The pirate ship is amazing.

Dailly said...

Amanda, that pirate ship is something else! You really know what to do with a brush, girl!

And I love your card.
BTW - a second challenge has been posted for the DT call - go check it out.

Dailly - TT (Tuesday Trio)

Jen said...

good to see I'm not the only one that has to come back to this challenge. My room didn't get finished the last round either even though my pictures deceptively said I was.

Maya said...

Beautiful card! I really like the little leaves on a. So clever!