Monday, September 20, 2010

Organize your Stuff: Week 1 &2 (round 3): Brainstorming and Space audit

First order of business: Here is my next of four entries in the Tuesday Trio design team tryouts ( Sketch #34 )with the needed element of buttons.  The yellow smily is a yellow 2-hole button on which I painted a mouth and cheeks.

Also, I was informed by Illusive Middle Child, that I did not really show the coolest part of the boys’ bedroom well in my last post…the skull fortress on his pirate island. Oldest child had no comment. So, humoring mom that I am, here it is…

Anyway, I went back to to finish my participation in round two of the Organize your Stuff challenge. Much to my surprise (and I guess if I had been visiting the board instead of hiding, I would have), the Fabulous Crisann has resurrected the Zen Master Wookiemouse’s Challenge for a third round. I guess that some would call it luck, karma, kismet…whatever. The Inner Hoarder thinks that it a chance to postpone dealing with memorabilia week for another four months.

The POW, however, is in overdrive. She is tired of being a neophyte and wants to get her yellow belt in Scrapbooking Organization at the very least (between you and me, she is just a trifle bit of an overachiever and type-A personality). Before PA Me and the Inner Hoarder get totally out of control, she wants to attempt to finish round two (Really, it is just that we all don’t want an I told you that you would never finish from our Fabulous Spouse, or the rest of us would tie her down again until the caffeine wears off). So, I am going to try and juggle both and when possible post twice a week to work on finishing Round 2, while moving through Round 3. PA Me was sent to the corner to think about the consequences of making a mess and not picking up after herself, and the Inner Hoarder has been sent to Target to look for storage bins or garbage bags, her choice…I think that I need to buy stock in Rubbermaid!

Why Round 3 at all? Well, during the summer, it seems that clutter has reproduced faster than gremlins when wet! Round 2 has seen the near successful takeover of my dining room. Round 3 will make it more user friendly. So, get ready for some more mental chaos, some hopefully fabulous layouts (and cards). Together, we will get through this…or you can just laugh as you succeed, and I am stuck when PA Me finally finishes her time out.

Now back to business—Brainstorming and Space Audit.

What works in my current space…or what do I like best?

Ok, the one thing above all else, my jetmax/ paper storage, and the use of the label maker. My one piece of advice to those doing the Organize your Stuff challenge for the first time- get a label maker (mine is a brother p-touch). Just putting labels on things makes your space look cleaner, and makes it easier to find things.

What doesn’t work?

I need more storage. Less stuff is just not going to happen. I can purge, but between the Inner Hoarder and three kids constantly bringing more stuff into the house…and myself bringing new stuff into the house (yes, I know that it is a problem). That is not going to happen. Also, Girl Friday needs a bigger crafting space. She is too much her mother, and likes to spread out.

So here is my new before picture, warts and all. Yes, some of that is the Easter chipboard album that I have yet to get past page three on, but the edges of the boards are painted! I know, I know. I really need to get PA me back into therapy and finish something. Hopefully, in a few days, I’ll have a layout to go with the card from above!


Brenda said...

I love that 'smile' card. Especially the button! Very cute. And the wall in middle child's bedroom is cool. I can see why he got 'upset' that you didn't include it!--- elleceebee from 2Ps

ScrappnBee said...

Thanks!Glad you like it!

Dailly - TT said...

I love the wicked little smile you added to the button. What a super creative idea!

Thanks for participating in our challange.

Dailly - TT (Tuesday Trio)