Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Organize your Stuff: Week 4 (round 3): Paper Part 1

Fabulous Crisann’s Question of the Week: Do you store Paper horizontal or vertical? By color, theme, or manufacturer? OCD Me is in charge of the paper organization. Period. She has decided that she likes the vertical storage. We need to buy stock in cropper hoppers. Solids are by color, my favorites are by company (like My Mind’s Eye and Basic Grey). The rest are patterned, stripes, dots, etc. I probably need to separate holidays, but I haven’t gotten it there.

Alright! The POW is beginning to get her grove on… and is so very proud! Our apple card for Tuesday Trio DT tryouts won Sketch #33, and our smile card placed in the top 3 for Sketch #34. Now we have our fingers crossed for Sketch #35  (below). One of my personalities has a warped sense of humor (probably the Inner Hoarder). So, for a “happy” card we did a Happy Halloween card with spiders in lieu of flowers (they look much cooler in person…when not smushed on the scanner). Girl Friday was happy too. OCD Me is taking bets and managing the pool. It is her belief that sparkly pom poms will be underfoot until at least Thanksgiving/ the end of November.

As for paper week, the POW and OCD Me are in construction mode. Paper was a group therapy week last round, but we were able to find a home for most of it. However, we are yet again at an impasse. While OCD Me is tickled by the jetmax cubes and cropper hoppers holding the papers, it is now FULL with both papers and projects. The Inner Hoarder cannot find anything worth culling to Girl Friday…who, by the way, is always circling like a starved lioness, waiting for the slowest, just barely ignored piece of patterned paper…then it is down for the kill.

This is my Round 2 after…

Note the Inner Hoarder (and part time shopaholic) has overrun OCD Me’s beautifully organized universe. PA Me has waylaid OCD Me with other projects… I am now the proud owner of a marginally unstable core door table that we put together with Girl Friday’s supervision (so only 2 stripped screws). Like many of my round 2 brethren, I have come to the realization that yes, we have made real progress. However, some of that progress may have been smoke and mirrors (You never did see that 2+ inches that I admitted to not filing). So, my goal by end of week is to ignore PA Me (and force her into therapy sessions) and moderate a Peace Accord between OCD Me and the Inner Hoarder. I see much consumption of Chocolate in my future! Wish me luck for the end of the week, when I will hopefully (*cross your fingers!*) have my paper settled, and a layout for Week 2 of Glee Club- Alternative (Seriously!?). Note: the POW is in the corner right now, breathing into a little brown lunch sack, and PA Me is holding her hand. This does not bode well.
Round 3 before...

(do you notice that there are a few more cubes of paper than in the previous picture?)


Tracy said...

Looking good.
I organized my paper last year. I have OCD tendincies and have to go through everything again.

שלוש בשלישי Tuesday Trio said...

That's a cute card, Amanda. Are those little pompons with eyes??
Love the way you organize your room. It looks amazing.

Dailly - TT

ScrappnBee said...

Yes! I used glue dots to adhere google eyes to my pop poms and trimmed in a flat spot and used another glue dot to stick it down. Due to getting squashed on the scanner, you don't see the spider legs very well, but they are there.

Maya said...

Too cute! Love the googly eyes!