Friday, September 24, 2010

Organize your Stuff (round 3): Week 3-Clean Sweep or Start Small

OK.  I am trying to learn...Instead of just taking a picture, I scanned my layout for the first time.  There is no stitch function for my scanner, so I had to import it into MS Publisher, so don't look too close at the lines (OCD Me is very embarassed and did not want it posted, but the POW thinks that it looks better, and she is ultimately in charge).  Here is the layout that I failed to bring you yesterday. It is my entry for Dixie Pieces Glee Club Challenge Week 1: Classic Rock-The Beatles. I thought OCD Me was going to coronary over the lack of photos-due to Costco. However, Fabulous Spouse came to the rescue, and went to a different Costco after work to pick up photos for me. We love you!!!

As a side challenge from Dixie Pieces…and we all know the POW loves a challenge… We could also use a word from the title in a card for bonus points. Girl Friday has been doing the wheels on the bus at school all week and helped me with this one (she is the little blond button in the back).

As for the Round 3 of the Organize your stuff Challenge, this time I am “going small”. Realizing that “going small” in my universe is kind of an oxymoron (you know…jumbo shrimp, military intelligence, mandatory fun), but I did try hard last round. Therefore, I am convinced that this time around that it will be more of a tweaking process… or at least that is what I keep telling myself. So, Next week is paper… let’s see how it goes!

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