Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Organize your Stuff: Week 13 (round 3): Stamps

This is a busy entry, so let’s get too it! Well for starters, let me wish my fabulous Jewish readers a festive and Happy Hanukkah! May there be plenty of gelt and latkes to go around! (and I will totally accept any fabulous latke recipes as my Nana never passed hers on…) Here is my Design Team card for Tuesday Trio’s Hanukkah Sketch #43.
You may not be able to tell, but the vellum in the background has the lyrics to Adam Sandler’s Hanukkah Song, literally the only Hanukkah song to make it onto the radio waves, at least here in America. It is fun, irreverent, but not mocking. The words are stamped using CTMH Giggle lowercase, and I hand drew the dreidel with a coordinating ink pen.

Next, is a super THANK YOU!!! to Scrappy-ness for passing along the Stylish Blogger Award to me! It is definitely an honor! The rules for this award (kind of like a chain letter but one that is cool to recieve!) are to link back to the sender (here), pass it on to 8 others that have not received it yet, and share 8 things about yourself.

8 things about me…

1. My favorite food is East Coast Chinese food (because Washington State’s Chinese is just different)- specifically Won Ton Soup and Chicken Lo Mein (which is Chicken Chow Mein here). To make up for it, I will eat sushi and Japanese Steakhouse!

2. I grew up with 3 television channels, but I do not know how anyone can survive married life without satellite TV and DVR.

3. When I was little, I wanted to grow up and be Cinderella’s Step Mother because she made all the rules, got breakfast in bed every day, someone else did the chores, and I wouldn’t have to marry some stinky old prince (but I love you Fabulous spouse!).

4. I would rather eat something salty-like potato chips- then something sweet- like cookies.

5. I do not have a favorite color, but Girl Friday has arbitrarily decided that mine is Purple.

6. I have a really hard time finishing projects. Ok that is something that you already know. PA Me is probably my most dominant personality!

7. I have a broken NO button. My husband tells me to NAVY: Never Again Volunteer Yourself!! But I always seem too.

8. I have a black thumb. The only plant that I haven’t killed is the hops that we grow in the backyard for homemade beer. …oh and the roses in the front yard of which I am very allergic, and actually would prefer that they died.

Now, who else is stylish out there?...find out next week (because I actually have to find you)!

Stamps are my downfall! The Inner Hoarder has never seen a stamp that she did not like! That keeps OCD Me on her toes. However, Creative Me uses these stamps (and inks!) on just about every layout or card somewhere! So, it is always important to keep these organized. As you can see, all of my wood mounted rubber stamps are on the left side of my new work desk, and the acrylic ones are on the right. OCD Me does not know why we keep the wood mounted ones, they are clutter to her. However, since they are mostly corralled in this old VCR rack, the POW has allowed my Inner Hoarder to keep them. I am thinking of cataloguing them, but I have thousands…I counted them last round, but the Inner Hoarder has collected more since then!

Here is my final entry for the Kitchen Keepsakes Food Network Challenge. Week 4 is Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, and I made my Thanksgiving Turkey Soup! Like any meal worthy of being tried on the show, it is a multi day event. Day 1: Cook the turkey (Thanksgiving). Day 2: Boil the Carcass and drippings all day in a stock pot. Day 3: Strain and retrieve any meat from the carcass (and put in containers to freeze-aprox 9 cups) then make the soup for the restless horde!  since last time I did 12 pictures, this time, I did one! Definatly Yo-bama-lama. Or whatever!


Steph said...

Great card! Congrats on the award.

Tracy said...

Congrats on the award. Teehee about the black thumb. I say I have one as well. I do have a plant that my SIL gave me about 4 yrs ago. It is still alive because I haven't planted it yet. It is still in the glass of water, with crazy roots. Maybe I should have kept that to myself LOL
You do have a bit of stamps don't you, teehee.
Nice layout.

Keshet said...

Love the Chanuka card and congrats on the award!