Thursday, December 1, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 6 (round 5):One Little Word

Can you believe that it is December 1st already? How time does fly! It seems like yesterday that we were choosing the word to represent our year. Now the year is waning, and we are sure that it was an apt choice.

It is that time again for those who are participating in Ali Edwards’ One Little Word to sahare your word and your homework. Our word for this year is: EMBRACE… and that we have! Ali’s prompts have indeed been a point of reflection, as we share our November homework, and latest 9 Patch…

We think that the greatest lesson that we have learned over the last 10 months is this… that EMBRACING is more than a hug, It takes two to EMBRACE. We hope that your word has been meaningful to you… and look forward to the last prompt of the year!

If you were blog hopping for this OLW, you came from Debra and are headed to Sam.  It goes live at 8AM PST.  For the whole list, visit…

Julie Ann
Monica B
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Mary Pat Siehl said...

great job!

Mary Jo said...

I seriously can't believe it is December!
Seriously :)

Love your word!

backtoallen said...

Loving your page, especially the leaves and the circle elements. Beautiful job!

Cheri said...

beautiful color scheme - I'm so not ready for December! My OLW post is here:

Margie H said...

Love your word. The page you created is just wonderful :) And yes, I can't believe it's December either! YIKES!!

jillconyers said...

Love design of your mini canvases. So hard to believe it's December!

MonicaB said...

Great page! Love the color and design of your mini canvases. And no I can not believe it's December, it always comes to fast.

Pamela said...

Awesome!! :)

learncreatedo said...

Love your collage and especially your "i believe" statement

JennL said...

Love your cards this month! Great design, great colors, great sentiments. It's been such a wonderful year of our OLWs, hasn't it? I can't wait to see what 2012 brings.


cia said...

My word is embrace, too! And I agree that it has become a mantra this year. Definitely has helped me get through things with a better attitude!