Friday, October 1, 2010

Organize your Stuff: Week 4 (round 3): Paper Part 2

Layout for this week- Alternative Rock/ Grunge Layout for the Glee Club Challenge at Dixie Pieces.

Do you know how hard it was to get this layout done?! Believe it or not, I am usually a pretty strait forward scrapper. OCD Me takes credit for that. Alternative Rock? I immediately think of the naked baby underwater or the chubby kid in the bee costume… or Kurt Cobain, greasy, in flannel. However, from Pearl Jam to Blues Traveler, Alternative Rock Cover Art is an homage to the psychedelic 60s/70s. Something OCD Me (who was doing lots of Google research for this project) was not expecting after The Beatles week.

It is definitely not the slick cover art of the Big Hair Spandex bands of the 80s. It is a call back to all things that the back to school specials warned us about… sex, drugs,… and rock and roll. The base of my pages is pink- as was the cover of Train’s Drops of Jupiter (the moderator’s inspiration band for this week’s theme), and a surprising amount of other alternative cover art. Since Train’s latest cover art features a crow with a crown, I could not leave my “princess” out. So, back through my files, I found last year’s birthday –unscrapped, and away I went.

As for paper week… same as last year, PA Me and the Inner Hoarder took control, and where writers get writers block… I got Organization Block. You would think that this year would be easier. I only had 6 inches to work on… yes, 6 inches. 2 inches from January, and 4 inches that the Inner Hoarder has brought into the house (I told you she has a shopping problem) since then… that’s almost ½ an inch a month! Shame on you Inner Hoarder!

Well, because the POW was being so motivational on 2 Peas, OCD Me, who had finished moving my table with the help of Fabulous Spouse, put her foot down. How would it look if we told everyone that they could do it, and not do it ourselves? Inner Hoarder was not convinced. OCD Me, who can be pretty fierce when she has had enough caffeine (and already had three cups under her belt) laid it out for our wayward personalities. Either we are tackling the garage today, or we are talking paper. Amazingly, both PA Me and the Inner Hoarder were suddenly onboard, and away we went.

So, after a day with the label maker and purging this is my new after...Thank you Zen Master Wookiemouse for enlightening us to the ways of the labelmaker!
and here is a close-up of the top and my smaller pieces 8x8 and smaller
See you Monday, for the start of next week!!!


Karen said...

Love how organized your paper looks! Well done!

Lisa said...

Looks fabulous. Kiss those inches good-bye!

Pam said...

I wish my paper looked like that. Great job!:-)