Saturday, October 9, 2010

Organize your Stuff: Week 5 (round 3): Scraps Part 2

For a moment, PA thought about pitching the scraps, because it just isn’t worth the time to straighten up! However, the Inner Hoarder perked up at this thought, and she personally saw to it that she and OCD Me straightened the few pieces that were out of place because when PA Me scraps, she never puts things in color order (ROY G BIV).

As for my Glee Club challenge at Dixie Pieces this week, it was Children’s Music- Raffi. Ironically, I struggled more with this layout than with alternative. I guess some part of me is anti-establishment, or maybe the POW was put in charge of babysitting too often in her teenage years. Confession: As a parent, I have never owned a Raffi tape, or any kid specific tape/ CD. I don’t think that I could handle it over and over again. As it was, I had Blues Clues narcolepsy! I swear, that green striped shirt showed up on the TV (and they played the same one episode Monday through Friday, so the kids could “learn”) and I was asleep on the couch before the first paw print. Nope, the car radio was mine. I worked hard to survive to adulthood, and I was not going to give that power up to someone whose diaper I had to change. I know, take away my Greatest Mom Ever mug now.

So, here is my layout. I just love this BoBunny Learning Curve line!
Here are my scraps- a library pocket tag.

Here is one of those pom poms I told you about… smaller than tumble weeds, but worse than dust bunnies!


Mary Pat Siehl said...

your layout is very cute! love the library card!

Lisa Echerd said...

I like your layout. Great paper and embellishment choices.

Tracy said...

oh your projects are awesome.
You think like me, I went through this same thinking when I was organizing my scraps.