Monday, October 11, 2010

Organize your Stuff: Week 6 (round 3): Photos Part 1

Photos! Without these, there would be nothing to scrapbook. Depending on when you started taking photographs, and when…or if…you switched to a digital media… there could potentially be a lot of work in your future.

We tackled our “cold storage” last round (round 2 blog here). This was everything pre digital, and it was enough! Now, on my scrapbook wish list is saving to convert the negatives from these pictures to digital, a not minor financial undertaking, as much of these photographs were taken with Advantix film, a much smaller negative than 35mm.

This round, ODC Me is off to update our digital storage, while PA me is left with cleaning the rest of the pantry with which the POW tasked her last week as punishment for not wanting to deal with scraps. We got the bottom three shelves organized. Four more to go.

My Creative Me went overboard this weekend. She knocked out three pages for a chipboard mini-album that she started in April, and created this fabulous… yet disturbing… over the hill birthday card for the Tuesday Trio weekly challenge Sketch#37-with a desert motif as the site inspiration piece.  The desert scene is hand painted- I told you she was disturbed.  The palm trees cut out of patterned paper that needed to be purged a long time ago. I think that we are excited about Halloween at the end of the month, since the neighbors are already decorating in skeletons and spider webs and such!

As for my Glee Club layout for Friday, Dixie Pieces has asked for a Southern Gospel theme. I have lived in Charleston, SC twice (for 2.5 yrs total), so I thought that I might have a fighting chance. However, the POW is completely stumped. The Moderator’s vision of Southern Gospel music is much different than mine (granted, I am by no means a Southerner, originally from the Northeast, and now it the Pacific Northwest). I may be showing my ignorance, my naïveté, whatever…but my vision was more AME, “Sister Act”, matching robes, a couple of spontaneous “Hallelujahs”, an organ/ piano and a tambourine or two. This version is country music, except that instead of losing the girl, the truck and the dog, you get saved. It is OLD SCHOOL twangy country music and the Artist is Jeff and Sheri Easter…Google them. The moderator had not even heard of “Sister Act”, and thought that it was a singing group. If Southern Gospel as I knew it was outside of my purview, country music Gospel puts me way outside the box! Wish me luck this week!


Sasha Holloway said...

I need to get more organized .. you would think I would be all the moving we do over the years .. thanks for the inspiration .. love your painting .. and that is so funny .. the feeling old LOL .. love it

Tracy said...

I tackled the photos last year, not to fun :)
Cute card.

Dailly - TT said...

Definitly an "over the hill" card. Took me a while to figure out everything that's on it...
But it made me laugh, and that's a good thing.

Dailly - TT