Saturday, October 30, 2010

Organize your Stuff: Week 8 (round 3): Projects and Kits Part 2

This Sunday is Halloween here in the United States, a major children’s holiday. Therefore, I was busier than usual! Three kids, three costumes…including the standard last minute changes, plus organizing a layout and a card! Woo Hoo!

Speaking of layouts, here is the final layout from the Glee Club Challenge at Dixie Pieces: Golden Oldies and Buddy Holly. The song title that I chose was "Every Day" and changed it to not every day. While at work, I saw this Bo Bunny Paper that reminded me of the Bass/ Rankin claymation holiday specials. The swirls of the snowflakes just brought back that nostalgia! So, I printed most of my pictures from this once a decade snowstorm in blue tint to give it that oldies feel. To give you perspective, I think last year, we had one day with a dusting, and this is FEET of snow!

Also, there was a mini challenge to make a card using the theme Monster Mash. Here is mine using pieces from the CTMH Hooligans On the Go kit.  Ironically, the patterned paper from the kit has the words Monster Mash printed right on it.  Girl Friday and Ellusive Middle Child just added eyeballs...BTW-goggly eyes are the best $1.39 ever spen a JoAnns!

I have definitely come a long way since the last time that OCD Me organized my projects and kits (round 2 link here). Therefore, there was not too much for the POW to do in organizing the unfinished projects and kits other than to hold court. The Kits of the Month that I was gifted years ago was sorted by theme with my papers last year. The POW thought about putting them back in the general population this year, but PA Me convinced OCD Me that they are better organized this way…at least for this year. Therefore, all of my unused Club Scrap will remain segregated. (It is all because of Zen Master Wookiemouse and her introduction of the label maker!)

The leftovers from my Family Reunion album, which actually did begin this journey back in January, was paroled though. I used the bicycle and stripe papers in last week’s layouts…even if it did not make my mental cut for the Glee Club Challenge… and my Tuesday Trio Sketch # 40 card. Even PA Me and the Inner Hoarder had to admit that what left was doing a good job playing with others. So, the remaining pieces have been released from solitary confinement in its Iris container, permanently rehabilitated, and relegated to a non threatening job placement in misc. paper. Yeah!… minor progress!

Personal goal-post Halloween…finally finish that kit for the mini album from our trip to California over Spring Break soon so that those papers and embellishments can be paroled for time served and good behavior. Even the Inner Hoarder has approved parole. We are just waiting on PA Me and Creative Me to finish…and waiting…

Oh, On a final note… Fabulous Spouse took me to Ikea the other day and gifted me with a 4x4 Expedit to super increase my storage! He is the best! He even put it together for me…yeah! Here is a post construction picture. The POW is going to put a back on it so that it can act as a wall in the hallway in the future. PA Me keeps nodding, but on the inside is really saying riiight…maybe this spring, IF I’m not distracted…


Mary Pat Siehl said...

your winter layout is just beautiful. love that winter bobunny paper. i had never seen that line before. thanks so much for sharing! love it!

Steph said...

I need to read through your organization tips. My papers and embellishments are getting a bit out of control. Cute layout and card. I picked up some googly eyes this weekend.

Tracy said...

Your layout is beautiful.
I am in the process of reorganizing my room, wish me luck