Monday, February 7, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 22 (round 3): Intermission

Just because The POW does not have enough things on her plate already, Creative Me somehow got control of the laptop and was trolling the internet looking for challenges. She stumbled upon a site that really spoke to her… Operation Write Home. This is an organization that collects cards and sends them to the Troops so that they can write home to their loved ones (since there is no Hallmarks or stationary stores in the war zones).

Their Wednesday Challenge was a barnyard card. Now, OCD Me was busy cleaning the house for the Super Bowl and we had our regular layout to assemble, and PA Me put that off until Thursday night, but Creative Me was busy planning. As soon as the Super Bowl ended, we were creating sheep.

Our first one failed.  Girl Friday and Illusive Middle Child donated their thumbprints for faces, and then it was time for bodies! First, Creative Me tried to make a white flocked sheep, but the flock…while soft ad fuzzy…was too transparent. Then Creative Me tried three other ways…liquid aplique, white pen, and stickles and liked them all!

SO, here are our three sheep…er ewes (which if you are translating this from English to another language ewe (a female sheep) sounds like you in English).
Liquid aplique


white gel pen

International Blog Candy
*Infomercial Disclaimer* For those of you not interested, skip to the end! For those of you participating in the Tuesday Trio Blog Hop, this is the end of the first week! Tomorrow, we will have a list of all participants who have qualified for the blog candy drawing during week 1. However, it is not too late to enter! If you live on planet earth and have the ability to receive mail, you can be entered to receive this small packet of paper crafting goodness. You just have to do two things. 1) be a follower of this blog (their rules, not mine), and 2) answer a question: Today’s question is…what is your favorite farm animal? You can enter every time we publish a new post! So, if you started on Tuesday, this would be your third chance at winning! The other blogs are at the bottom of Friday’s post. I will enter them again tomorrow! Enjoy!


Vicki said...

Lambs are my favorite farm animal, so I love all your cards. I'm not sure about stickles, but glitter is not allowed on OWH cards for safety reasons. Thanks for sharing.

vwilson577 at

Mary Pat Siehl said...

wow those are adorable!

Becky said...

Those turned out so cute!

Jan Hunnicutt said...

I'm so glad you found Operation Write Home! Your cards are really cute.

Vicki is correct that OWH can't use cards with glitter or glitter products on them. Our soldiers don't get to wash up like we do and when glitter gets on their clothing they can be seen by night vision and are in grave danger.

Thanks for playing in our Midweek Throwdown challenge at Operation Write Home and I hope to see you again and again! :)

Sharla said...

Omgosh..I LOVE those sheep!! I really like the gel pen and aplique ones, the white really stands out!

Thanks for the comment on my should definitely get more pics of you and your guy soon!! :)

hilde janbroers said...

love the cards!!

Jackiekg said...

Hi Amanda, I am now a follower. My favourite
farm animals are the sheep and I love the sheep that you have put on your cards. Thanks for the blog hop.

Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

That card is cute beyond belief!

Steph said...

Those are really cute!