Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 23 (round 3): Templates

This week is Romantic Week at Tuesday Trio. This is not just because they are romantics at heart, and Hallmark sells more cards to people who love each other than are mortal enemies. This is because Monday is Valentine’s Day (or Singles Awareness Day). This is when your significant other spends a car payment on flowers (however, due to allergies, we know that if Fabulous Spouse gets us flowers that we did something naughty and he is trying to kill us…ok, just roses). So, Here is my Design Team Card for Tuesday Trio and Sketch #53.

This week is templates week. How many of us were scrapping when templates were cool? The funny thing is, that just like bellbottoms and leggings, everything old will be new again! Now, templates are a delivery device for misting! As a glimmer mist addict…totally not recovered, but The POW took the charge card away from the Inner Hoarder and Creative Me. No new mists. No templates. The POW has been around the block and knows that those new templates will end up with the old templates...which we are not one hundred percent sure where the Inner Horder put them... collecting dust with the Tae Bo workout VHS cassette that the Inner Hoarder also still has (you know that you have a Tae Bo video somewhere in your house too!).  These are the templates that OCD Me can find, but we think that there is an alphabet one in the scrap room somewhere that the Inner Horder has stashed!

Oh, on a really cool note, Sue, a.k.a. Midwest Girl passed this blog award on to us:
This blog award is for blogs that people love that have under 100 followers.
To accept, link back to the sender (see above).  Passit on to 3-5 deserving bloggers!
By Thursday, I will hope to have mine!

*Infomercial disclaimer: non-blog candy readers skip to comments* For the blog hop, here are the entries that qualify so far by 1) being a follower, and 2) answering the post question:

International Blog Candy
Monday, 31 January 2011: What do you need to organize?
Hilde Janbroers- stamps
Daniella- paper
Arad Dikla-ribbons (does not show up as follower)
Moody-stamps (does not show up as follower)
Sarah-ribbons (does not show up as follower)
Alma7-paper, stickers, stamps

Friday, 4 February 2011: Do you have a die cut system? Do you use it?
Becky- yes, no
Tammy-yes, yes
Sharla-yes, no
LindaMT-yes, yes
May-chu-yes, yes (does not show up as follower)

Monday, 7 February 2011: What is your favorite farm animal?
Vicki- lambs
Jackie- sheep
This is the last week to enter. If you think that you are a followerer, but are not, you still have one week to register. So, today’s question for a chance at the blog candy: do you have templates that you use?

Finally, here are the other Blog Hoppers drom Tuesday Trio:

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Zehavit Shaked said...

Great Romantic card!!



hilde janbroers said...

gorgeous card!!!

Danielle said...

beautiful card!

my4blessings said...

What a beautiful card!

Keshet said...

Very pretty card!

Vicki said...

Lovely card. I don't have any actual templates, but I've purchased wooden cuts at Michaels to use with mists.

vwilson577 at yahoo.com

Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

Lovely card, and I enjoyed your comments about Valentine's Day. Since it is a Hallmark Holiday, we don't go overboard around here. Usually my husband asks if I want anything, I say no, and we're done. Looking forward to seeing some of your favorite blogs as you pass on the award!

Becky said...

Great card, love the hearts on it. Hmmm, wondering where my template is. I think I gave it to Abie, might have to get it back and use it for my Glimmer Mists. Thanks for the idea!

Tracy said...

Congrats on the award.
Very pretty card.
Can't do my TaeBo...its VHS, teehee