Friday, February 11, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 23 (round 3): Templates part 2

Ok, so you can see that we have very few templates. There is an alphabet template here somewhere in the scrap room…we just have not seen it since the Inner Hoarder set it aside (definitely with that Tae Bo VHS tape). OCD Me basically has the week off, as the 4 plastic templates that we do have are already stowed in a cropper hopper sleeve. So here is my layout for this week, using templates.
For those of you who are regular readers, you may note that this is not my typical 2 pager. That is because this is the last page in my 2010 album…which means that Creative Me cannot go overboard with the photos at Costco. To be honest between Creative Me and OCD Me, we are totally in awe of those who regularly scrap 1 pager-s. This is hard!!!

Now, templates do not need to be made out of plastic. In January, Creative Me cut butterflies out of cardboard to be templates for a card (link here with how to). Any Chipboard piece can be a template too. However, many templates are plastic, and that makes them reusable for misting!

Today's layout uses a template that the Inner Hoarder talked us into when we were trying to get exactly $50 on an order from (for the free shipping of course!) from Tattered Angels. It is amazing how using a template and some mists can transform a white page.

Things have been a bit hectic this week. The Valentine’s Day is Monday. However, the school has decided that all Valentine cards are due Friday. Unfortunately, PA Me did not plan ahead very well, and Girl Friday (and therefore Illusive Middle child) wanted to make from scratch Valentines for 25. The POW thought that she could feel a migraine coming on. Creative Me was ecstatic. OCD Me checked out completely. PA Me put it off as long as possible. The Inner Hoarder went shopping (those kids weren’t going to eat through our cardstock! … and Michaels had it on sale).
And with a marathon of markers, we survived…but the Cricut is on strike after cutting over 100 different pieces. They had fun though. And in the end that’s all that counts! (PS- just a little sad that Oldest Child is now in middle school, and therefore has outgrown Valentine’s Day…until he rediscovers girls…but we are OK that he has not rediscovered them –yet!).

As for my award...thanks again to Sue, a.k.a Midwestgirl.  Please check out her site (click here).  She is a fabulous photographer and does great layouts!
My first under 100 follower blog is Becky: Fourth House on the Right
I love her projects!  They are so much more than just layout and cards!  She has done wall art, containers, picture frames, and so many more creative things that make Creative Me SO jealous!
Second is Mrs. Bzb: Mrs. Bzb Creates
Mrs. Bzb creates cards for a charity called Card Cupids.  She sends all he cards she shares to children in hospitals, and to me that is really cool.

I hope you accept!  If you do, just link back to here, and share with 3-5 blogs that you love that have less than 100 followers.
The POW is searching for a few more.  We would like to share some international love, but many of the sites that we have discovered have over 100 viewers so far!


Teka Cochonneau said...

This post made me chuckle. I can sooo sympathize with trying to order exactly 50 dollars at 2peas. Love the masking spray technique. I just ordered some spray inks and looking forward to playing with them.

Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

Thank you for the kind words about my blog - I really appreciate it! I totally get what you mean about Two Peas. "Free shipping or bust" is my motto!

cristi said...

oh, amanda - such an awesome page! please, don't make me "need" anything b/c it will turn into a $50 order. lol...

Becky said...

The free shipping thing is like the dollar aisle to me. I just can't resist. It's sort of like ordering a diet coke with a big mac, it doesn't count because you get free shipping, right? Great layout, I'm loving that template! Thanks (to all of you) for the blog award!!!! It made my day! :)

Tracy said...

Love your layout. I too can not do 1 page layouts.
Great blogs you gave those awards to. Love them

Steph/Mizzbzb said...

Thank you! I am honored that you chose me. Love the layout.

Keshet said...

Very cool, love the misting!

Wendy said...

From Australia and only have 11 followers :-(, but hope to build on that with some new things I am working on. Great blog, Wendy