Sunday, February 27, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 25 (round 3): Negatives part 2

For those who actually have the piles of fragile negatives with which to deal, you have my deepest sympathies…we went through it with photos. As we said earlier, we have been fortunate enough to be digital since 2002 (yes, we are part of what killed kodachrome…and it saddens us…but we still love going digital and only paying for what we want printed).

All that can be said, though, was that we lucked out that this was a freebie week! We finally got our snow days here, and the kids were underfoot and not much got done. Although most of you have no sympathy for us (living with feet and feet of snow for weeks and weeks), this was a big deal, as it was our first snow since the week of Thanksgiving in November!

To make it worse, we had to listen to the kids complain all winter about no snow in Washington, then turn around and not want to play in it once we actually had some (and the snow day due to the fact that Washington does not believe in snow plows…for moral or religious reasons, we are not sure …and that they may in some indirect way harm the salmon).
Here is a picture of the kids after we threatened to take away all their electronics devices if they did not go outside for at least thirty minutes and play. …and yes, Oldest Child, if you stay outside for the full thirty minutes, then Mom will make Hot Chocolate. Thirty one minutes later, they were back inside. Ungrateful children! LOL!

This week was also the start of Cookie Sales. Here is the jar that Creative Me and Girl Friday made for their site sales for donations for Cookies for the Troops.  Girl Friday likes bling! With 20 F degree weather, when we are used to 50 F degrees, is COLD, and Girl Friday scored herself another Hot Chocolate!

Friday was our Church’s big craft retreat, and the POW was part of the set up team. Creative Me was in the zone, and we completed Illusive Middle Child’s 20 page 8 ½ x 11 camping scrapbook. Here is a sample layout. They are pretty simple, but we have a bunch of coordinating stickers for Illusive Middle Child to add his own personal touches.

Time for fun news! Sharla passed this Award on to me last week, and so now we have to come up with some more stylish sites to pass along! Thanks Sharla!!! Visit here Stylish Blog here!

As a part of this award, we need to share 8 things about us and then pass it forward!  Today, we will pass along the 8 things that you may not know about us (as this is already getting to be a LONG post!).

1. Currently, Creative Me’s favorite crafting supply is my mists! They are crack for scrapbookers, and I am totally addicted! (OCD Me thinks that they are very messy, but she gets overruled a lot).

2. Our favorite soup is Lipton’s noodle soup with extra tubatini or stars added. This is what Mom would make when we were sick as kids, or as a special treat on cold or rainy days.

3. We are a sucker for those reality shows! Since the POW refuses to let us watch soap operas since we became a SAHM, we have discovered every show from Hoarder: Buried Alive, to LA Ink, to 19 and Counting (the Douger Family with 19 kids), Deadly Attractions(peoples exotic pets who ate them) and more. Are we sure that Soaps are that bad for us?

4. Football (American Football…not soccer) is my sport (Go Seahawks!... or any team that is NOT the Cowboys). The POW goes to that crazy place at a football event, even at the Middle School level. We become one of THOSE people who nobody wants to admit they know.

5. We brew our own beer! We are a Porter or Stout girl. None of that sissy yellow stuff! Fabulous spouse started brewing beer at a shop in town 2005. When it closed, (and we had become snobby, high quality beer drinkers) we started brewing it ourselves. Added bonus: no alchohol tax.

6. We think that the WiiFit program is evil. Anyone who thought that women would enjoy putting their weight on their large screen TV for all to see (and being repeatedly berated for being overweight) obviously is still single or married to a skinny woman. BTW- we still weigh in, and then eat a donut or something…since we will never be normal (that weight was last seen in 6th grade).

7. We love socks. It allows the Inner Hoarder and Creative Me to shop together. The POW has decided that getting dressed is a joint effort. OCD Me can be business on top, but Creative Me can have a party on the bottom (woo hoo cool spring socks!). We have everything from Valentines Hearts to Thanksgiving turkeys to Fourth of July patriotic socks!

8. There is no official personality called Flesh Eating Zombie Me, but do not bother us before we have had our coffee. We live in the birthplace of Starbucks, but we drink our coffee black, and at least half a pot must be consumed before we are civilized.

Will post my Stylish Blog recipients  in the next week or so...

Public service Announcement: Tuesday, we be posting our regular and we will also be a part of the One Little Word (OLW) blog hop! Then, on March 5th, we will be helping out with Operation Write Home (OWH) with their spring blog hop! It will be busy so bare with us, but there isn’t much real organizing as next week is: New Items and Keeping it neat. Just so you do not abandon us in these final housekeeping weeks before the Organization Challenge resets for round 4, there will probably be some blog candy for each of these!


Keshet said...

Lots of fun stuff going on! Love the layout!

Becky said...

You are right about the snow, we have had 35 inches already and I'm sick of it. I'm cracking up that you had to make the kids go out though. Congrats on your award, I heart reality TV too and MUST have coffee before I speak in the morning...

Pam Wendt said...

What a fun newsy blog! And love the blingy Girl Scout donations jar!

Tracy said...

Your layout is lovely.
Your altered jar is beautiful.
Funny that you had to bribe the kids to go outdoors to play. I so get the electronic devices. But it is such a good way to bribe them, teehee.

hilde janbroers said...

love the snowy photos!!! the jar is soooo cute

Anonymous said...

Again, your blog is so funny! You get so much done; you must also have a "superMom" personality going on. And thumbs-up on Girl Friday's donation jar-very pretty. Maria

sutty said...

Great snow photos - and I love the 30min persuading factor...the sad thing is that when the snow comes here (not very often) I love to be outside in it and fortunately my kids are still young enough to indulge me :) Beautiful jar, and I love your middle childs scrapbook pages - it is a great record....mine too have expressed an interest and done a few pages - the funniest part of that is I let them choose the titles and some of those are priceless. Ok waffled loads but thanks for such a cheery post that had me LOLing (if that is an acronymn word!!)