Monday, February 14, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 24 (round 3): Memorabilia part 1

Let’s start this week with a Happy Valentine’s Day! We need all the love that we can get, as we are starting Memorabilia Week! In a good faith effort, we made a card for the Scrap Our Stash February challenge-love. This is the Love MME Love Me Do paper that we got last year for Valentine’s Day.

Memorabilia! It is a dirty word in our mind. This is our Achilles’ heel in the whole scrapping process! The Inner Hoarder has amassed way more memorabilia then we will ever place in our scrap pages. She has too many program fliers, artwork, ticket stubs, etc! The only thing keeping us from television show status and climbing on the piles is that we were military for so long, and every move had a weight limit (and the house has a space limit!).

The Inner Hoarder is not happy. She and PA Me (and summer break) enabled us to quit the 29 week process and derailed our organization last round. However, this time around, the POW and OCD Me will not be so easily swayed. So, since We do not have a small tropical island with a scrap room and a bottomless Margarita Maker to which we can escape, and running around in circles going Aarrrgggggg!!!! Is just not really an option… you will just have to bear with us as we play a mental game of tug-of war and try to pry stuff out of Inner Hoarder’s hands! (Some pictures tomorrow with my Tuesday Trio Design Team entry and blog hop winner!)


Mary Pat Siehl said...

so glad you played along at the scrap our stash challenge!

Jingle said...

This is really really cute!

Becky said...

Great card! I love that your parents anniversary is today and you have made it "family holiday". We just finished letting the girls decorate cupcakes and it took everything I had to not constantly scream about the sprinkles going all over the counter! Ha! Have a great V-day! :)

Tammy said...

Yes, I have my own battles with memorabilia. I really only keep the stuff that really means something, but I also know there's far more than will ever get on my pages too. As long as it's organized and I can find it, I don't mind keeping it around. Love your card! Happy Valentine's! :)