Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 24 (round 3): Memorabilia part 2

Mmmm… Chocolate. Anyone else coming out of a chocolate coma today? Fabulous spouse actually bought us a 22 oz. Chocolate Porter to go with dinner last night! (He figured that after Tool Week at Cub Scouts for Illusive Middle Child and 8 other 2nd graders, that we might need it!...that is why he is a FABULOUS Fabulous Spouse. Love You!) As for Tuesday Trio, Sketch #54 is a red and white only challenge. Here is my Design Team entry:
You may notice that it is not a love card. That is because red and white does not necessarily need to mean Valentine’s Day! … we are already thinking spring, and play dates, and BBQs… OK, We are just looking for something other than 51 degrees Fahrenheit and grey skies and rain…

Speaking of rain… when it rains, it pours, so to speak, and we are just flooded with Memorabilia! We think that is genetic- Packrat-itus. There is no cure, only expensive therapy that PA Me would find an excuse to miss. Maybe that is why my kids’ rooms are so full of stuff! OCD Me has never been able to curb the Inner Hoarder’s need to grab fliers, programs, paper Thanksgiving turkeys, and Valentines cards. With three kids in activities, it amasses quickly!

Realistically, most of this needs to be thrown out or recycled. However, how many of you got that box of treasures from your mom when you left home and loved going through it? The Inner Hoarder just does not want to purge the wrong memories. This is not the memorabilia that you are looking for. Move along. Darned Jedi mind trick! This is why we stopped the Organize your Stuff Challenge last round.

When you first look at the piles of…stuff, it is just overwhelming! Like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the Gene Wilder movie, not the Jonny Depp one) where Charlie is in the room with the fizzy lifting drinks. Bubbles, bubbles, everywhere, but not a drop to drink. Then, when you take a swig, you are propelled forward, up to the blades in the ceiling and certain doom! The only way to save yourself is to sink back to whence you came and abandon the room. We have abandoned the room many times.
This time, we may not make much progress, but any progress is better than none. Prior to this post, OCD Me took the Inner Hoarder shopping and bought clear plastic bins to store the stuff that we are not ready to address upstairs as a part of emptying the old scrap room. It was hard, but not as hard as the Inner Hoarder thought it would be, since…we will admit… little purging actually occurred.
Now OCD Me and the POW need to tackle the memorabilia in the scrap room. It is scary. It is not fun. PA Me can think of a thousand other things to do…like dishes…laundry… re-grouting the bathrooms… root canal… anything! However, this is not the Bog of Eternal Stench (from the movie Labyrinth- a must have for families with kids). We will not be placed in an oubliette if we fail. This too will pass.

On to happier things! Blog Candy!!!

The winner is Daniella! Please e-mail me at Scrappnbee@yahoo.com so that I can get your prize mailed out! Thanks to all who visited and We hope that you continue to read from now on!

Thursday, Creative Me will have a Layout using some of my memorabilia… because that is why we still have it! How many of you collect the memorabilia to use in your scrapbook, but end up doing your layouts without it? Then what do you do with your memorabilia that you did not scrap??


Becky said...

Holy memorabilia Batman, that's a lot of stuff from your three kids. I sure hope they appreciate all this organizing you're doing for them. Half the time I forget to put the stuff on my layout and end up sliding it behind the page protector. When I do remember, I end up making a pocket page and shoving as much stuff in it as I possibly can which results in a lumpy album...

Tracy said...

Raising my hand. I too keep things for scrapbookin, how many hotel keys do I need, lol.
Mind you I think you are the queen of memorabilia, teehee.
Nice take on the sketch.

NC Peach said...

Oh man, do I fall into this category!! You aren't alone, and I don't have the kids that I'm collecting for (buries head in shame)...will be back here again soon to visit! And thanks for stopping by the blog--I love visitors! =D

Daniella said...

Wow!! I'm the winner! how cool!
Thank you so much... an email was sent your way... ;-)

hilde janbroers said...

thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! love your take on the sketch..

Sharla said...

Love your card and a play date sounds like great fun (yes, even at my age! ;)

I gave you a blog award over on my blog!! hope you check it out! :)