Friday, November 11, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 4 (round 5): Veteran’s Day

Happy Veteran’s Day! (or Armistice Day to the non-Americans)… and happy 11-11-11 as well!

Thank you so much for those Service Members who have put their lives on the line for us… and the families that have supported them and stood by them!

Here is a layout that Creative Me whipped up in our attempt to finish Fabulous Spouse’s 2007 Iraq album before he deploys to Afghanistan. It uses the super awesome Simple Stories Destinations line. The POW is pretty sure that is why we have not started prepping for Christmas…because 2 days later he deploys. Anyways….

Yesterday was a flurry of patriotic activities, as today is a holiday for all (except our trash men who will probably come around 5:30 AM and squash our attempts to sleep late). Fabulous Spouse took the day off to be shown off in his “monkey suit”.

Here he is at Girl Friday’s First Grade. They are learning about continents, and he is showing them where Iraq and Afghanistan are, as well as the places that his submarines have travelled over the years.

Illusive Middle Child was at recess when we stopped by, so Fabulous Spouse drew an even larger crowd… especially when Fabulous Spouse pulled out his mounted medals (brought to school at Illusive Middle Child’s request).

Then, there was the assembly. Illusive Middle Child’s 3rd Grade was the musical entertainment. Fabulous Spouse was presented a carnation by both Girl Friday and Illusive Middle Child. Then he was featured in the Veteran’s slide show.

Finally, there was the Veteran’s Day Mass at our church. Oldest Child’s Boy Scout Troop was the honor guard, and Oldest Child was also the alter server. (However, he was moving too fast for Fabulous Spouse to get a good photo...we were at the last practice for the Football Championships with Illusive Middle Child). Fabulous Spouse was asked to bring up the communion gifts… as he was still in uniform. Goodness! What a long day!

God Bless Our Veterans!!!!


Pam said...

God bless your hubby for the service he does for our country. And God bless you and your family for the sacrifices you make as well.

Mary Pat Siehl said...

Thanks to your husband for all he does! and thanks to your family! our men and women currently in and those who have retired from the services deserve a huge hug!!

love the layout

Mary Jo said...

How fun for the kids!
And so cool that he was able to visit and share :)
He had my utmost respect and gratitude for the job he does!!

Becky said...

Thank you to your husband :) and thank you to you too! What great activities for him, the kids and you to participate in! I love the layout too!!

Pamela said...

Love your layout!! And I too am shouting a huge thanks to your hubby!!!

Tracy said...

Give your hubby a hug for me, give him one from yourself as well ;)
We call it Rememberance Day here in Canada.
When my daughter was in public school they would have a slide show with all the students families who served in the military.
They would play it to "Will You Remember Me". And have the dates on of who has passed away and such.
I cried every year. I am not sure there was a dry eye and everyone felt a little more proud and a lot more grateful.