Monday, November 21, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 5 (round 5): scraps

In preparation for the Thanksgiving holiday at our house we have actually been cleaning! Do not get too excited, we have not cleaned that much. PA Me would never allow that!

Well, here is our scrap table! OCD Me just could not take it anymore.

We squared up the rough and wonky edges and put them in piles. The POW has warned OCD Me that this is temporary. Creative Me is already itching to play in them, and Girl Friday has been eying them too!

We have another 2007 Iraq layout under our belt too.

The patterned paper is from October Afternoon that Fabulous Spouse helped pick out at CKC, and the title and school table were cut from scraps on the Cricut. The picture mat was a scrap too! Maybe there is something to be said for this organizing thing that OCD keeps trying to make us do!

We have been busy this weekend too. Here is Illusive Middle Child at his first ever wrestling meet. He lost all three matches (it is matches right?). But he got experience, and that is what counts! Especially since football took so long with the playoffs, that he only had 2 practices (or 3 hours) worth of wrestling training ever before we got there. Hopefully he will get better as the weeks progress… or at least continues to have fun!

Happy Early Thanksgiving!!! …or happy Monday to those outside the U.S.!


Jingle said...

Excellent layout.

Julia Dunnit said...

I think a wrestling match is a 'bout'. Well, here, anyway.....we are divided by a common language in so many ways. Hope OCD you doesn't win the day too often, your desk is scarey!

Becky said...

Fantastic job on the piles my friend! They look lovely!!! I'm digging the paper on your layout, you say he helped pick that out huh? Not too shabby. I say good job on the wrestling, he may have lost, BUT at least he wasn't injured, right? Must have picked up something during his three hour lesson :)

Tammy said...

Loving the piles! Yeah for getting another Iraq layout complete - love that OA paper. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. :)