Monday, November 14, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 5 (round 5): Scraps

Hope that all of you had a great Veterans’ Day weekend!

This week we are tackling scraps. How are yours organized? Do you even keep scraps? Is there a minimum size?

Here is another Iraq training layout where Creative Me raided our scrap stash for the accents.

To be honest, OCD Me has tried to corral our scraps, but between Girl Friday and Creative Me they are always escaping, being fruitful, and multiplying. It does not help that Inner Hoarder refuses to throw them away.

Here is where our scraps are today. They are definitely in need of some OCD Me love.

This is the accordian folder where our scraps are supposed to live.  When Girl Friday wants to create something the POW just directs her to the folder and tells her how many scraps she can use.  This is probably the only thing that keeps the scraps from rising up and taking over the house.

This is the little side table that has runneth over with hedonistic scraps that multiply when we turn our backs on them.

Finally, here are the scraps that get shoved to the side (and that never seems to make it into our WOYWW frames).  OCD Me is totally embarassed now.

As for our family, Illusive Middle Child and Girl Friday went to the Championships in football. It was cold, it was rainy, and alas, there was no joy to be had… as we lost. However, as we told our boy, there is no shame in losing to an undefeated team… especially if you tried your hardest.


Mary Pat Siehl said...

i use my scraps like this as well! it works out great doesn't !

Keshet said...

Love the colors you used here! I get such satisfaction out of using my little scraps:)

Becky said...

Your layout looks great! I recently trimmed ALL my scraps down to 6x6 and threw the rest away. It was so freeing, like running down the street naked. I still can't believe I did it. Best thing EVER! Too bad the team lost, but great advice to the kiddo :)

Mary Jo said...

I think it's great that you do the Operation Write Home!! I keep wanting to donate some cards for that :)

As for scraps, I keep all my patterned paper scraps just thrown in a plastic storage container. The sweater size. Every few months I sort through it and purge or give to my kids.
Cardstock scraps are in a file like you have.

Pamela said...

Great layout! And I love that photo! :)

Tracy said...

Great Layout.
I have to re-evaluate my scraps as well.
I do use them, but am thinking the 6x6 method, But then I too can't throw away the smallest of scraps ;)
It may have been cold and rain, but the kids look like they had a great time :)