Monday, November 28, 2011

Organize your Stuff: Week 6 (round 5): Photos

As far as an organizational week, this one is kind of a boring one. The POW got us onboard with digital photos back in 2004. During round 2 (here) OCD Me got what few film pictures we had (about 4 grocery bags worth) and sorted them into photo boxes.

Some people struggle with how to find their digital photos. After all, if you are looking for Baby’s 1st Birthday… is that IMG23456 or IMG32457? Do you have to go through them all? And then how do you find the stragglers from your cell phone or that were e-mailed to you and are out of sequence?

OCD set up our digital photo system (backed up on a terabyte external hard drive). It is a series of folders. The master folders are by year. Then, as the POW offloads pictures from memory chips, she automatically creates a folder by date (automatically saved with the photo if you set it up on the camera). Example: 01-01-2012 New Year’s breakfast. Adding the zero for months 1-9 is important. Otherwise, October (10) pictures will immediately follow January (1).

This seems to work for us, anyway. Here is a layout from this summer…PA Me has been dragging her feet, but we are mostly done with our Big Picture Classes Big Idea Festival layouts from August. Yes, we are behind. However… We just had to go to the 2011 folder, scroll down to the end of June, and find 06-23-2011 GF lost 1st tooth. *Ta Da* Girl Friday’s lost tooth!

As for this weekend, we are still recovering from Black Friday shopping. The executives who decided that shopping from midnight to 6 AM is safe, must own stock in Starbucks and Red Bull. If the Inner Hoarder did not have an eighth degree black belt in Black Friday shopping, we would have just skipped all together. Riiiiigghhhht.

We came, we saw, we shopped and shopped. We came home, crashed, and then went back out with Fabulous Spouse to Ikea (15% back on gift card! Score!) Now that Awesome Auntie has returned to her house, we were re-furnishing the play room… couch hunting! (Cell phone picture).

Furiture assembled, and replacement Xbox with Kinect (Black Friday purchase) in place. (Digital camera picture).  Fun family time playing Fruit Ninja...Priceless.
Still jet lagged and riding the rest of our shopping high, we had a 6AM start the next day, so that we could give blood at our church before heading off to wrestling for the day. Illusive Middle Child gave it his all, and finally scored his first win and first pin in the last round of the day! Woo Hoo! (Another cell phone picture).


Mary Jo said...

You are so brave! I haven't gone out shopping for Black Friday in years!! :)

Tracy said...

Busy weekend.
No shopping for me, but then again we don't have the huge sales as you do.
Congrats to your boy :)
Camera film was so much easier to keep organized.

Mary Pat Siehl said...

glad you found so many deals on black friday!

sutty said...

Wow -what a day...:)

Danielle said...

Sounds like fun! I am. Just not brave enough to do it.

Jingle said...

Very cute layout!

Denise said...

What a week! Wish we had an Ikea closer. Cute tooth-less layout.

Amy said...

wow! you did go out and conquer! I just can't do it...not enough patience!!