Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Organize your Stuff: Week 10 (round 3): Alphabets Part 1

This week in the Organize your Stuff challenge is Alphas! Generically speaking, this week is alphabet stickers, but if you are really going for broke you could include your chipboard letters and letter stamps. I am saving mine for stamp week and chipboard week as they are stored there. Here is a card that I made for Tuesday Trio using acrylic alpha stamps (btw-Tuesday Trio is temporarily on hold, as our moderator is in the hospital, so please keep her in your prayers).
Depending how in tune you are with your inner OCD Me, Alphabet week is either super easy, or super hard. Last year, I went for super easy, and just rounded them up and dumped them in a Cropper Hopper folder. It was a total fast food, drive by clean up.

This time around, I have to do something else, even if it is just to put them in two folders! LOL! For most of the last five years, the POW has really limited my use of sticker alphas. She figured that the expense was not worth it, especially when you needed to buy 2 sets just to have enough E’s to finish your layout. However, just as tastes in close change from time to time, my love / hate with stickers has waxed again… and I mainly blame the Inner Hoarder’s love of shopping and Thickers. Thickers are dimensional alpha stickers (I used them on the football layout in my last post for the varsity letters). The only downside is that Thickers are notorious for losing their stickability (so OCD Me always adds glue dots to them).

Speaking of fast food, The POW has decided that the family needs to eat better, and that I really have no excuse (even though PA Me could give you list…) why I could not cook more home cooked meals. This is my first one. It is a layout of my attempt at from scratch, 3 hour, crock pot mac & cheese from Paula Deen. This is my entry for Week 1 in the Kitchen Keepsake’s Food Network challenge.

The only changes that I would make to the recipe is that I would use white pepper instead of black pepper, and I am unsure why you shred the cheddar, melt it with the butter, then put it in the crock pot and add the cold ingredients before turning it on. This left cheddar lumps that took until hour 2 to re-melt. Also, we added frozen peas (made on the stove in the last 10 min) and bacon bits to make the meal a little more balanced.

See you at the end of the week!


Tracy said...

I am organizing my scrap/craft room again.
The OCD me keeps rearanging it so its perfect.

Suzanne said...

Your recipe page looks delicious! Love that you added the peas, nice way to add color! LOL