Friday, November 5, 2010

Organize your Stuff: Week 9 (round 3): Embellishments Part 2

This week brought change into the life of the POW. Our Glee Club Challenge was over… and no we did not win anything (the POW is a little sad about that, but hey! It builds character!). Football season officially ended (yeah?), and there was no more looming Halloween countdown…only leftover candy and the inevitable accusations of candy stealing.

As for organization, OCD Me took the Inner Hoarder aside, and promised her container shopping in exchange for the locations of her hoard of illusive brads. Like the Goonies hunting for One Eyed Willie’s buried treasure without a map, the search was afoot! No Pinchers of Power here, but in the end OCD Me discovered that the Inner Hoarder was better at hiding things than she thought! We filled nearly 5 DMC bins with brads, and left our “fancy brads” out in an easily accessible bin.

With a little extra time, OCD Me also collected our relatively small collection of flowers together so that they could be kept in one place. They were already sorted by color, for the most part, so it was just a matter of convincing PA Me to put a little extra effort into the search and clean process, and Voila! Extra credit! Two embellishment areas tackled!

For the layouts this week, the POW decided that we were going to tackle Oldest Child’s football season before we got bogged down with the upcoming holidays. This layout is a little simpler than the ones we did for the Glee Club Challenges, but you have to understand that we had six games and about 100 pictures per game! Narrowing 600+ photos down to a 4 pg layout is an accomplishment in my book! Not to mention, the Illusive Middle Child was in there too as ball boy!

In the second layout, Creative Me found that she wanted to mirror the look of the threads on the football, and with a little bit of nostalgia from the last post, she decided that she wanted to use eyelets to do it. Fortunately, she had no problem due to the fabulous bead and eyelet sorting of OCD Me from last round. I do have to admit, that while OCD Me may be one of my least favorite personalities, as she usually involves work, it is definitely worth it in the end!

OCD Me is now eyeing the buttons that she uncovered in her hunt. While the POW wasn’t looking, it appears that the Inner Hoarder had set her eyes on amassing some of them as well. We will see if this new found love of organization holds, or not. PA Me is undecided… as usual!

Have a great weekend, as next week is Alphas!

Oh, and I have found a new challenge to follow for the next 4 weeks. A new website has just launched called Kitchen Keepsake, and they are doing a Food Network theme challenge.  Fabulous Spouse loves the Food Network... so Challenge it is!  The first week's theme is Paula Deen!  I guess that means that I actually need to do some cooking... PA Me is not so sure this was a good idea...


Kristie said...

Sure it is a good idea! My entire life has changed since I started documenting my cooking! Now I pay attention to recipes, presentation, hey dh even bought me a new set of dishes! Anyway, it was difficult to get started taking pictures of my food but now "my scrappy cookbook" is just about the only book I use! AND my family has lots of new recipes that they LOVE and that I can actually cook!

Great football layouts, especially the football threads, CUTE!

I know just what you mean about so many photos so few'd think we'd learn!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous Spouse hopes they do Alton Brown week.

Kat Marie said...

i love organizing!

Becky said...

WOW! Your embellies look great!

Tracy said...

Nice layouts.
Looks like your having fun with the organizing.

Keshet said...

You are totally inspiring me to get organizing!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

oh i do love to organize! love how you labeled your brads and such! great idea.

thanks so much for visiting my blog ( i truly appreciate your kind comment! i just signed upto follow your blog and i would love it if you signed up to follow me in return!--thanks!!!