Thursday, November 11, 2010

Organize your Stuff: Week 10 (round 3): Alphabets Part 2

Fabulous Crisann’s Question of the Week: What is your Favorite Alpha? This is a loaded question. I LOVE my clear acrylix! Stamped alphas rock! But… in my mind, they live in stamp week. Therefore, I choose Thickers! …The stickers that do not stick! I love the fonts and the textures, but adhere today…fall off tomorrow. As long as I add glue dots, they are OK. Still my favorite non-stamp alpha.

Here is my Layout this week…

It doesn’t use Thickers, but it does use sticker Alphas...of a sort. This just goes to show, that you do not need individual letters to have an alphabet. Sometimes, you can just let the manufacturer do it for you!

As for my alpha stickers, I give this round to PA Me. With Fabulous Spouse in Montana, and packing for CKC Seattle, dealing with children’s school and ECAs, and a bout of the stomach bug going around, PA Me said that My folder of Alphas is good enough, and for a change, the POW agreed with me and told OCD Me that we might tackle this next go round, but this time, it is OK. So, no change in Alphas, but one regular layout and one cookbook layout done!

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